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Ever been to a cemetery that just creeps you out? Which is the most haunted cemetery in America?

Athens Mental Hospital Cemetery ~ Athens, Ohio
Batchelors Grove Cemetery ~ Chicago, Illinois
Chestnut Hill Cemetery ~ Exeter, Rhode Island
Christ Church Cemetery ~ St. Simon's Island, Georgia
Columbus Mental Hospital Cemeteries ~ Columbus, Ohio
Erie Street Cemetery ~ Cleveland, Ohio
El Campo Santo Cemetery ~ San Diego, California
Garden of Hope Cemetery ~ Gautier, Mississippi
Greenwood Cemetery ~ Decatur, Illinois
Hollywood Memorial Park ~ Los Angeles, California
Lafayette Cemetery ~ New Orleans, Louisiana
Resurrection Cemetery ~ Chicago, Illinois
St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 ~ New Orleans, Louisiana
Silver Cliff Cemetery ~ Silver Cliff, Colorado
Stepp Cemetery ~ Bloomington, Indiana
Stull Cemetery ~ Kansas City, Kansas
Western Burial Ground ~ Baltimore, Maryland
White Cemetery ~ Barrington, Illinois
Boothill Cemetery ~ Tombstone, Arizona
Bethlehem Cemetery ~ St. Louis, Missouri
Old Center Cemetery ~ Andover, New Hampshire
Rouse Road Cemetery ~ Orlando, Florida
Quaker Cemetery ~ Worcester, Massachusetts
Sleepy Hollow cemetery ~ Concord, Massachusetts
Arlington National Cemetery
Devil's Turnaround Cemetery ~ Atlanta, Georgia
Chapel of the Cross Cemetery ~ Madison County, Mississippi
Union Cemetery ~ Easton, Connecticut
Cave Hill Cemetery - Louisville, Kentucky
Westminister Cemetery & Catacombs ~ Baltimore, Maryland
Lovers Lane Cemetery ~ Leavittsburg, Ohio
Salem Cemetery ~ Hendrysberg, Ohio
Peck Cemetery ~ Decatur, Illinois
Bethel Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery ~ Atoka, Tennessee
McConnio Cemetery ~ Evergreen, Alabama
Los Angeles Pet Cemetery ~ Calabasas, California
Wolfinger Cemetery ~ Toledo, Ohio
Anderson Cemetery (Graveyard X) ~ Palmer, Illinois
Huguenot Cemetery ~ St. Augustine, Florida
Bonadventure Cemetery ~ Savannah, Georgia
Patrick Cemetery ~ China Springs, Texas
Lick Creek Cemetery ~ Dawson Springs, Kentucky
Baker Hollow Road Cemetery ~ Marion, Kentucky
Slave Cemetery ~ Brattonsville, South Carolina
Crooked Mile cemetery ~ Merritt Island, Florida
woodlawn cemetery~ toledo ohio
algonquin cemitary, algonquin Illinios
Elizabeth's Grave, Chillicothe, OH
whispering pines decatur tn
Hillside cemetery ~ Cuero, Texas
Albany Rural cemetery ~ Albany, New York
Springhill cemetery ~ Brooksville, Florida
Chestnut Hill cemetery ~ Exeter, Rhode Island
West Middlebury Cemetery ~ West Middlebury, New York

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Garden of Hope Cemetery ~ Gautier, Mississippi

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Garden of Hope Cemetery ~ Gautier, Mississippi

This BALLOT CHOICE created by : RunsWithScissors
Submitted on : Dec 03,2006 8:17:57 pm

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