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[+] joke ballot by babblinglunatic

Chia Crotch
2 men engaged in butt love chia
Chia road kill
Chia Scrotum
Chia Vagina Dentata
Chia Foetus
Ass-crack Chia
Caesarean Chia
Chia Armpit
Chia Schnozz
Nick Berg Chia Head
Cojoined Twin Chia
Chia-Bush (either way you picture it!)
Chia Crabs!
Chia Chi-Chi's
Chia Diarrhea
Chia Rear View Mirror
Chia Diapers
Chia Thong
Chia Christ
Chia Super Conductor
Chia CouchGnome
Osama Bin Chia
Partial Birth Aborted Chia
ChiaPet Dildo
Chia sacks
Chia Gonnorea
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Choice :

Chia Vagina Dentata

This BALLOT CHOICE created by : mojo
Submitted on : Dec 31,1969 7:00:00 pm

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