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[+] ballot by oh_what_a_relief

Checking out some old ballots I was surprised to see that so many people dislike The French.

Like any country, they have some not so nice people, but show me a nation that doesnt .

I personally never had problems , in fact I think they are very nice.

SO what is it that causes some people to dislike them?

I know people talk about not like certain governments, but this seems to go beyond that to the people of France, maybe I'm misunderstanding, I actually hope I am.

I don't know
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They are rude and snobby. And they don't shave or wear deodorant.
I like the French!
The French told Bush to stuff it
They're Losers, never won a war or battle
They suck at war, almost as arrogant as Americans, they smoke to much and are rude
political scapegoating, mostly, and a bit of jealousy
They're articulate and diplomatic, and think for themselves.
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i don't like the French becasue they have imperialstic ambitions and stick thier noses in everything.

entered by : USRocks
Submitted on : Jun 18,2006 6:08:14 pm


I lived over there for a short time. I never had a problem; in fact, I found them mostly charming. They don't like loud, arrogant, finger-snapping tourists, but who does?

Do you think it's because of the Iraq war? If they didn't want to go , that's their business, I didn't want that war either.
The French are pretentious, arrogant, and disdainful of other nations and cultures.

They are full of themselves, reckoning their worth because they were ruled by haughty kings and queens, and their army was once led by a Corsican, Napolean, who won a series of battles until his downfall.

Here are three facts which put the French in perspective: 1. No French general (born in France) has ever won a battle leading only French armies; 2. California wine wins 88 percent of blind taste tests in France; 3. The French made the only tank in history with backup lights.

Viva la France, eh?

^Oh, a fourth fact: The French invented perfume to cover the stench of their bodies because they didn't bathe.
^^And this perfume business is a kind of metaphor for the French character in general...
misplaced hate?
by Jyl [+]

I find them to be very pleasant

I like the French very much. I find that the great majority of French people I know are intelligent, thoughtful, insightful, generous and clean.

A few years ago, there was a lot of rancour and disparaging ballots and trollers commenting on how cowardly and smelly the French were, seemingly because their government didn't vote with the Americans on a UN resolution. Now, the same type of ballots and trolling choices and comments are showing up about how evil Islam, or the UN, is. A couple years from now, the trollers will go after the Chinese, I imagine, or whatever else they're threatened by.

Back when I was in high school, my French teacher took in two exchange students for a year. The two were easily the most obnoxious lifeforms it has ever been my displeasure to know. They were rude, insensitive, know-it-alls who, at the close of business, knew very little. My teacher, one of the most Christian women I've ever known, once had to ask me to drag the boy out of her class before she killed him. I wrote it off as just an aberration at the time.

And then I went to Paris for a day. Call it confirmation.

mojo, I must've gone to a France in an alternate dimension.
^Truthseeker, I go to France at least once a year , not in Paris , maybe that is where people are having problems, but just across the Spanish Border, I seldom had a bad or rude experience
To be honest, I have met with some rudeness in Paris once or twice, but the same thing happens in Toronto and Montreal and New York and Chicago. I thought it was just the big city syndrome, not something specific to the French.
I like French people. They're charming, kind, interesting and have exquisite taste. (The no-deodorant thing is an outlandish myth... Believe me, my nose would notice!)

Treat them with respect and consideration and they almost always will respond right back in kind. The snooty ones are often fairly shy underneath, but if you can penetrate the facade and reach the real person inside, you're onto a winner.
by zig [+]

That could be a big city thing myth, and zig, yes, show people respect and they will return the respect, that's what I find works.
Bill O'Reilly told them to.
I think in political terms, many do not like them because they have done business deals with countries that even the United States won't do deals with.
^^^^ That must be the smallest list in the qorld then..
"I think in political terms, many do not like them because they have done business deals with countries that even the United States won't do deals with."

I tend to think that is a moot point. Many people in the Americas hate the U.S. for the very same reasons...I can point to many instances where the U.S. provides, or provided arms and money to rogue regimes in Central America just to curb the tide of socialist governments (democraticlly elected ones at that).

i don't like the French becasue they have imperialstic ambitions and stick thier noses in everything.
*choke* I see, that's it.

And all other nations are 'Pure like Children and Innocent Like Angels?'
by zig [+]

....or the other way around.
by zig [+]

I am french and I dont like the french. They wont admit that the americans helped them in ww2.They are rude and snobby well my relatives are. and they tend to have A liberal way of thinking. No dont like them.
Voted : They are rude and snobby. And they don't shave or wear deodorant.
lots of people dislike the French, and other admire them, those who dislike them is because they are rude ( i think that is because they are not polite and do not have our standards of what is being polite) and also because they look down in other cultures,however other admire them and tried to copy them,so there is a love hate feeling. personaly i think yes for most of us they could be RUDE and they dont care, they good new is that french guys are not goodlooking and grils well they must dress nice but that is the far it goes, so if looks are concern we go way higher ....
When the French government didn't buy into all the pre-war rhetoric to invade Iraq, there was a anti-French backlash of stereotyping encouraged by the Bush administration and the rightwing political mindset at the time. It was a lot easier to sneer at and ridicule not only the French government but all French people everywhere (and anybody who disagreed with the American posistion) than to admit that perhaps the American government wasn't 100% right. And there might be a touch of jealousy and resentment that the French government wasn't afraid to go its own way and refuse to be intimidated. The French nationals I know do not seem to me to be any more rude or cowardly or arrogant than anyone else, and surprisingly they don't reciprocate the vitriol towards the Americans - I think they just don't take them seriously enough to bother.
I think its pretty rich for americans to condemn the french as 'arrogant and disdainful of other peoples culture' or because they apparently 'have imperialstic ambitions and stick their noses in everything'. The irony of those comments seem completely lost. Also, dotdot42 the French arn't the only ones who have a problem accepting they had help in World War II considering the American media has airbrushed out the British commonwealth's and the Soviet Union's contribution.
thats why i tend to dislike americans usrocks. tho im sure you dont see that at all.
tho griffon is wrong. napoleon won many assaults using french only armies. if you count the small percentage of foreign malitia used in some then you are a pedant. Besides, how many wars have america won? well none would be the concise answer if you consider them doing it alone.

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