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Inspired by Graposts ballot, do you think there is a difference in the amount of sexual partners a man/woman can have before it is unnaceptable? Socially, this seems to be the case, with women still expected to have fewer sexual partners, even in these days of "equality"

But what about your opinion? Do you judge one sex by more rigourous standards than the other? I dont want to hear politically correct "this is what I know I SHOULD say" bullshit, I want to hear your actual opinion please

I find it more acceptable for men to be promiscuous
find it more acceptable for women to be more promiscuous
judge both equally
Equally apathetic
Cads are only 'accepted' by other men because women are hard to get these days.
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1,000 men? Wow, she must be HOT! razz

entered by : cranky
Submitted on : Aug 07,2006 12:51:56 pm

I don't really have an interest in judging others' sex tallies -- has no real bearing, IMO.

^ Can you honestly say that you would have no problem sleeping/having a relationship with a women if you happened to discover she had had sex with over a 1000 men before you?

Then youre a dirtier man Than I, say I!

1,000 men? Wow, she must be HOT!


lil_ape: Yes, I can honestly say that. All that matters is what they are like when they are with me.

Heck, if anything, a partner who had 1000 previous partners and chooses to stay with you could be viewed as an affirmation. lol

Voted : Equally apathetic
but I wonder what kind of disease that they might be carrying, some of those can be dormant you know.
by LCD [+]

^ "Disease" status ranks in the 'current' category for me. But it is definitely a factor.
The only sexual tally i want to measure duing any relationship I have with a woman is that of how many men she's sleeping with while we're together. As long as the counter doesn't go past one, we're good.
Are you referring to only intercourse, or any sexual escapade? That certainly varies from men to women!
by MO_ [+]

SOMEONE should be a grammar nazi!

SOMEONE should point out you don't have an AMOUNT of sexual partners (unless you're really treating them as MEAT and summing their weights).

You have a NUMBER of sexual partners. I don't mean to be an arsehole but this is basic English.

Well you may not mean to be one, but success! You are coming across loud and clear as one! Aren't you proud of your accomplishment Keith?

What a ridiculous comment to make on here. Grammer Nazi is right.

Any more than 15 guys and I think its too many for a girl. Any less than 15 girls and I think thats too few for a guy. Double standard? You betcha!

Lol, he didn't actually mention whether he had weighed them or not. Maybe he does.

I myself have had at least two tonnes of women at last count.

thats harsh IC, im sure your girlfriend doesnt weight THAT much! IC_tune
Voted : judge both equally
Well it's logically ridiculous to say, I want sex with lots of women, but I want them all to be virgins.
The only way the math adds up is for each individual to have the same freedom.

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