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[+] ballot by socal_sweetie

Seriously, does penis size matter? What size do you prefer?
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I like them small. Maybe around 4 inches.
5 or 5 1/2 is fine for me.
6 inches is perfect!
6 or 7 inches is perfect for me!
7 or 7 1/2 is the perfect size for me.
About 8 inches...perfect.
Over 8, the bigger the better!

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Um, I'm not in a boat, feller. Wrong place to use that phrase..... Back, Back, Back I say...[]

entered by : passiveson
Submitted on : Jan 08,2007 2:37:11 am

7 inches!!!

Whoa, I must'a took a wrong turn some where...

You wot darlin'? You trying to tell me summink?
passiveson, I think we're in the same boat...
My husbands.

This kinda makes me laugh a bit, the 4 incher... I mena do those even *exist* out there?

Um, I'm not in a boat, feller. Wrong place to use that phrase.....

Back, Back, Back I say...

Shana, they DO exist, we were watching guys gone wild and this hot guy was undressing and it was exciting, and then he pulled down his cute lil board shorts and my God...i spat out my Corona and weeped

It must have been 3 inches MAX

But i should also add (for the small guys sake) that small ones are still hot when hard, the guy that was super small wasn't hard but hard ons are always hot.

YUM speaking of where's my hubby at

I'm desperate.. any size will do.. larger, though, is more impressive.. I like to be impressed.. but the only affection I get is from my male blowup doll.. much safer sax that way, if you enjoy sax.. I started playing sax when I was a little boy..
None. Not a penis fan. :)
Voted : Over 8, the bigger the better!
I like when he parks his bus in a my one car garage.
Ding, Ding, all aboard, standing room only! :o)
It shouldn't matter what his penis size is. I can't believe people will dump guys because they don't have a big penis! Guys can't help it what size they have, sheesh.
Voted : 6 or 7 inches is perfect for me!
Voted : Over 8, the bigger the better!
because of course I only like my own.
Voted : About 8 inches...perfect.
Hits the sweet spot.

This is the kind of ballot to find women in?

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