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[+] serious ballot by ClosetIguana

I don't know what happened to that ballot below this one. You can't add other suggestions or comments. So here it is again.

Where would you recommend visitors to visit to see American Culture? The more "only in America" the better.

Greenwich Village - The art scene
Nashville - Country Music scene
Alberque - Indian Reserve
Detroit - Woodward dream cruise
Sturgis, SD - Motorcycle rally
Chicago - Wrigley Field
Southwest - Cowboys and cattledrives
New Orleans - Mardi Gras
Mexican border states - Cinco de Mayo
Times Square, New York - New Years Eve celebration
Texas - Huspuppy Olympics
The Redneck (Olympics) Games - East Dublin, Georgia
San Francisco - pretty much the whole city
Miami/Ft. Lauderdale
Souf-Souf Bronx - Look at the culture that's glorified on the flickering Yid
Hannibal, Missouri - "America's Hometown"
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I agree with Kev.

entered by : Applerod
Submitted on : Jan 25,2007 9:58:11 pm

Voted : Southwest - Cowboys and cattledrives
I can't remember where specifically, but someplace they hold a cattle drive every year (hell, it might even be in my state lol). Not out of necessity, but more of a traditional celebration of the old days type thing.

But having said that, even though 4-wheelers and ATVs have replaced the horse in most places, you can still see some actual cowboys in action every now and then. My sister in law had to call in some not too long ago after their bull got loose. Was lots of fun watching them out there on horseback with cattle dogs and lassos trying to round him up. It's just one of those little pieces of culture that's slowly disappearing in the modern age.

Rodeos are an interesting little piece of Americana too. Pretty darn crazy to get on the back of a one ton bull if you ask me, but interesting none the less. lol

Voted : Nashville - Country Music scene
Tough choice between Nashville, Albuquerque and Greenwich Village.

By the way, it's Albuquerque. Always did find that name hard to spell :P

Nice ballot.

Almost forgot about the Hushpuppy Olympics.

It's only been going on for almost 40 years, but some would be surprised at how excited people can get over little balls of deep fried cornbread. lol

Yeah, nice ballot. It reminds me of some places/events that I've yet to see but would love to.
good question. it's a vast country. culture is not located in one place -- culture is a way of being in some cases. if you're in the deep south, you'll see one aspect of american culture, but if you're in the upper west of the country, like washington state or oregon, you'll see a totally different type of culture. if you go to new england, you'll experience a maritime culture in costal massachusetts and maine, but a farming, artist type culture in vermont.

i guess my point is if you're going to travel in such a large and diverse country, you either have to spend at least a month, or you have to narrow it down to one region -- the east coast, midwest, south, southwest, the west or the north west.

Voted : Times Square, New York - New Years Eve celebration
I would love to visit New York city, there is nothing like it here in England as far as i can tell. My mate went other their for two weeks on a graphics trip, and he only had decent things to say about his experience. I also want to travel down route66 and see the white house. My gran goes to see her sister every year, and everytime she comes back she goes on about how everything is much bigger and cheaper in America, apparently you have pizza's the size of small tables other there.
I agree with Kev.
Voted : Miami/Ft. Lauderdale
Israel meets Cuba
Voted : San Francisco - pretty much the whole city
Would be my first recommendation.

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