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[+] serious ballot by Kiki

These last ones we'll put together, I can't think of anything for them but there has to be something!
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Zaca Tacos
Zankou Chicken

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Zankou Chicken is nice. It isn't my favorite, but it starts with Z.

entered by : zorra
Submitted on : May 22,2007 3:55:25 am

Oh my god!

Next time you do a ballot series, how about spreading them out a little?
Voted : Here we go with these types of ballots again, give it a rest...
Why is it necessary kiki to create such annoying ballots and subject us all to them?
I can't spread them out a little, because last time I did that someone finished the series then gave me negative karma because I didn't know about it. If this site didn't have so many assholes, I'd do it that way.

I didn't realize people didn't like these, I've been getting compliments on them and I see other people do them too and they are fun. It's not against any rules so hitting me with negative karma isn't being fair.

Appeal Sat Jan 13, 07 5:14pm Received karma rating of : -5 from Kiki
For the ballot choice #956004 @
COMMENT - Comment entered as vote choice
4.41599 -5 4.41586/6246.57227

What was the point in hitting me with negative karma kiki? Because I dare expressed my being annoyed with your alphabets ballots, grow up silly wabbit... Oh, and the -1 Aura you gave me was such a lovely touch, get a grip why don't you...

Voted : Zaca Tacos
I like Zaca Tacos.

BarbaraBabyCakes that was valid karma - you did enter a comment as a choice. I gave you and nuck both negative karma, and I'm sorry but I think it's unfair for him to have hit me with negative karma and -5 aura without knowing the situation. Like I said, if I could have spaced them out, I would have.
Bwahaha you karma blocked me for that one time? Good gracious woman, how many times have I given you positive karma? I just tried to give you more now because I felt bad I lashed out at something so dumb but you won't let me. So no +K for you I guess!
You know what genius, you had no right to hit me with negative karma, none, however, your choice...As always, I will continue to return the favor, if your a_ _ can stand it, I can stand to give it to you, have a stupendous day why don't ya
I'm not a woman, I am 100% prime male, keep your karma, you may need it...You have done the same to others and they are not too happy with you at the moment, good luck to ya...
Beware of stating an opinion folks:

Received karma rating of : -5 from Kiki
For the Ballot comment#1119984 @
INAPPROPRIATE - Next time you hit someone like that without knowing the situation, an apology would at least be nice. I have people going around my karma sheild just to fuck with me and now this. I'm just trying to have some fun, sorry if I was wrong in thinking that's what this site is about.

No kiki, you were extremely inconsiderate to everyone else's ballots by filling a page with 30 ballots in as many minutes, which is the reason I rated you down. You have clearly taken a turn for the worse in the past few months, you seriously need to drink a cup of grow the f*ck up!

You can have fun at this site, but not at everyone else's expense.
Once again, hit with negative karma from alphabet nitwit...

Appeal Sat Jan 13, 07 6:11pm Received karma rating of : -1 from Kiki
For the ballot choice #956022 @
COMMENT - I don't mind you expressing your opinion, but please do it as a comment and don't mess with the voting choices. Some people want to play along and they can't with crap up there.
4.41586 -1 4.41586/6245.32227

You are quite the cerebral ballot creator kiki, I will echo Nuck's wonderful advice to you, "you seriously need to drink a cup of grow the f*ck up!"

"I'm not a woman, I am 100% prime male,"

That is really hard to believe from someone who uses a female name along with "baby cakes"

I do recall explaining to you in a previous comment LSD that this is a dedication username to my wife, her name is Barbara, when she was visiting this site, she used my name, Donny_Honey_Cakes...Now, have I explained this matter to your satisfaction? Now, on with more important matters...
Why does this ballot have 349 votes? There's nothing here to vote on.
I wonder too, every time I come to the site it's on the most recently voted list.
Voted : Zankou Chicken
Zankou Chicken is nice. It isn't my favorite, but it starts with Z.
Voted : Xochimilco's
Sacramento, CA Mexican venue. Don't know if they're anywhere else. Very Good, actually.
Voted : Zankou Chicken
Znakou!!!Mmm chx,hummus & pickled beets....memories.

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