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if he gets the nomination, who would be the best choice for running mate?
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LCD : on Apr 03, 2014 because .

Hilary Clinton
John Edwards
John McCain
Dennis Kucinich
Rudy Giuliani (yes I know it would cross party lines!)
Michael Moore
Al Gore
Barbara Boxer
Michael Bloomberg
Osama bin Laden?
Umamma ben Levin
wesley clark
Jesse Jackson
Oprah Winfrey
ralph nader
Louis Farrakhan
Jenna Jameson
Britney Spears
Monica Lewinsky
Archie Bunker
Colin Powel
Fozzy Bear
Crhistoper Dodd
James Jones
bernie mac
Sean Hannity

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john edwards is a sicphant. however you spell that. john mccain is a republican, so that is not likely. either way, both of those guys are losers.

entered by : Kev24
Submitted on : Jun 20,2007 6:32:57 pm

Voted : Hilary Clinton
john edwards is a sicphant. however you spell that. john mccain is a republican, so that is not likely. either way, both of those guys are losers.

Voted : Dennis Kucinich
Nothing personal, but I'm not big on Obama. I'm not big on *anyone* in the field, really. But, if it had to be Obama with the nomination, Kucinich would supply the ticket with credibility. Obama has no experience in national politics (just the one term in the Senate), and he can't possibly ahve a full grasp of all the complexities. Kucinich has that. (For the record, I'm starting to like Dennis in the top role, once I think on things.)
Voted : Dennis Kucinich
I might consider this ticket if I wasn't already in the Ron Paul camp.

Just please. Don't pick that douche Edwards.

Last night there was 69 votes on this ballot and now there are 103, which means it's been voted on 34 times since yesterday. Are there even that many people on this site?
Voted : John Edwards
Most of the so called experienced people are experienced in getting the big bucks from special interests and promoting legislation that appeases them, not the citizens interests, and moving this Country forward, which is a large part of the problem...
Voted : Jenna Jameson
unbeatable ticket
Voted : Monica Lewinsky

Voted : J-Joe

Voted : J-Joe
Lieberman! Yeah!
If you are faking a pose for a camera photo opportunity, at least you can get the phone turned in the right direction!

And he wants to be President?????

^Yeah, but it's still funny!
^faking a photo for a smear campaign is basically lying to people. Propagating that lie knowing that is a lie is even worse.

I am disappointed, RWS...
by LCD [+]

Geezzz, LCD, lighten up. I didn't create the photo and it's just a joke. You Obama supporters have no sense of humor.
Voted : Hilary Clinton
Dear Sir,

I think we all know, it would be Hilary Clinton.


Dr. L Hansson

I do not think it is going to be Hillary Clinton now.
^^ I still do. Never understimate the power of dirty tricks.

At least we know J-Joe won't be runnning for VP... on the Democratic ticket anyway.

Obysma, a blend, bottom of the barrel. Subversion and everyone, End of your world.

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