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The number of people in the world who are considered starving rises every single day. Most of those people are in what is considered to be the Second and Third worlds. Most notably, Asia, Africa and parts of Central and South America. What is the number of people in the world estimated to be classified as "starving?"

500 million
600 million
700 million
800 million
900 million
1 billion
1.2 billion

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entered by : Truthseeker013
Submitted on : Oct 21,2007 9:17:32 pm

The next question is: what one nation has a single budgetary expenditure that could literally feed every single one of those people everyday of ever year, year after year.

More to the point, which nation spends more in a couple of weeks on guns and nuclear devices than it would take to feed the whole of the world for the whole year.
Voted : 1 billion
(standing ovation for the Two Wise Men above me)
Not really following you Keithsheen. I doubt the United States spends enough in a couple of weeks on "guns and nuclear devices" to feed the whole world for an entire year...the world population is like 6.5 billion people...not even our annual military budget would feed the whole world. Unless everyone in the world could live on about $75 for a whole year :)

So anyway, the answer to the second question is the United States military budget, which is about $500 billion per year. That money alone would feed all of those 800 million people daily, year after year. If you took the entire military expenditure of the world, which is about $1 Trillion annually, you could not only feed them, but could educate them as well, and, help them to become fully self-sufficient in growing their own food.

Even more to the point, how many would sell their computers, or give up their Starbucks, or give up that Ikea furniture to feed a few families for a month?

One of the worst parts of human nature is that too many depend on their governments to do everything for them. Including taking care of their fellow man. We show so much sympathy and concern for our fellow man, but it really seems like we hate him because we dump him off on institutions (the governments) that apparently show no concern. It's akin to dumping your parents off in the city park and expecting passerbys to give them change.

800 million plus 1 last night. I was starvin' but the gf wouldn't make me anythin'!

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