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Do you like the current President, George W. Bush?


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[] Say hello to my poisonous friend...

entered by : Psycho_Frighead
Submitted on : Jan 25,2008 12:35:22 am

I love our President so much, it hurts.


uhm.... HELL NO
...Ofcourse it had to be a new user who made this ballot.IC_wink
Does anyone in Vietanm like Gary Glitter?
Well, Corrupt, we learn by asking...
Voted : No
What's to like?
The 'politically correct' answer should be 'yes', for he's undoubtedly 'doing the best he can' and 'he feels he's doing the right thing' at all times..
But something is wrong.. he doesn't seem to measure up.. something essential is missing, lacking, screwed up..
On the other hand we don't know how well others would have done..
We must disengage from Iraq and region in the near future no doubt..
But also, how about complete freedom for all the Kurds in north Iraq and Turkey and everywhere else?!
Bush has enjoyed being president, I suppose he'll always think he did the right things..

Voted : No
He's a scumbag.
What's to like? He's just another politician, who made good. The people have spoken, sort of, but we've been stuck with him these several years, just one more year to go.. I'd rather have a Busch than a Bush, actually..
Shouldn't be have all 'presidental candidates' take a severe "test" or series of tests to determine suitability and capability for the office of President, wouldn't you think?!

Voted : Yes
I proudly stand by our president all the way. I think he has done a wonderful job as president and if he were to run again heck I'd vote for him. What we need is another bush and another middle eastern war. We'll show them towel heads whose boss. If only he were to obtain dictorial power.
Someone doesn't 'hate' him of course, and someone even voted for him. Not because they 'wanted' him for president, but because they didn't like the other candidate, who might have been a risky choice? The junior Bush could have stood fertilizing, more water and sunshine, and some smarts, as he seemed to lack something essential..
One can only hope that whoever replaces him is an improvement, more flexible, better informed, somewhat more up to date?

What's to like about him? He can barely string a sentence together, he's about as shifty as one gets, has a great deal of trouble with telling the truth, grossly mismanages the country, not only has the intelligence of a chimp, but even looks like one,intelligent design, I think not. Oh and he starts uneccessary wars. is that enough?

Say hello to my poisonous friend...

Voted : Yes
I think he's doing a fantastic job considering what/who he has to work with.
Voted : Yes
The man is comedy gold!
Voted : No
No, he's a cunt.
He orchestrated 9-11, I have read enough proof to believe it. The lobbies supporting him are the ones who gained in all this, not the Arabs nor the U.S. People.
he is stupid
Voted : No
I like that idiot about as much as I like the idea of a red hot poker being shoved up my butt.
Voted : Yes
I'm probably the only one, but he's the best.

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