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Some of the stories behind these haunted houses are Urban Legend, while others are indeed Fact. Either way, there's just something creepy about these haunted houses and mansions that are spread out across America.

Which is the most haunted house in America?

The Myrtyles Plantation ~ West Feliciana Parish Louisiana
LaLaurie House ~ New Orleans, Louisiana
The Whaley House ~ San Diego, California
The Winchester House ~ San Jose, California
The Stranahan House ~ Fort Lauderdale, Florida
The White House ~ Pennsylvania Ave., Washington DC
Congelier House ~ Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Franklin Castle ~ Cleveland, Ohio
Hull House ~ Chicago, Illinois
Lemp Mansion ~ St. Louis, Missouri
The Wademan House ~ Navarre, Ohio
Stickney Mansion ~ Crystal Lake, Illinois
Moore Home/Ax Murder House ~ Villisca, Iowa
Luna Mansion ~ Los Lunas, New Mexico
The Borden House ~ Fall River, Massachusetts
Ashton Villa ~ Galveston, Texas
The Bell House ~ Adams, Tennessee
Minnick Manor ~ Averill Park, New York
The Hannah House ~ Indianapolis, Indiana
The Hemmingway Home ~ Key West, Florida
The Whitlock Seabrook Wilson Homestead ~ Port Monmouth, New Jersey
Hell House ~ Ellicott City, Maryland
The Old Slave House (Hickory Hill) near Harrisburg, Illinois
concho, OK Boarding School
Kelton House ~ Columbus, Ohio
The Hacker House~Pilot Mountain, V
Phillips Mansion ~ Grand Rapids, Michigan
The Henniker House ~ Henniker, New Hampshire
Admiral Hawly's House ~ Whitefield, New Hampshire
The Old Allen House ~ Monticello, Arkansas
Griggs Mansion ~ St. Paul, Minnesota
Squire's Castle ~ Willoughby Hills, Ohio
The Garfield House ~ Hiram, Ohio
Gingerbread Manor House ~ Ryan County, New York
The House on Byberry Road ~ Somerton, Pennsylvania
The Olde Pink House ~ Savannah, Georgia
Headless Grandfather House ~ Columbus, Georgia
Kolb Ridge Court Housing Development ~ Marietta, Georgia
Brantley Mansion ~ Helena, Montana
Mordecai Manor ~ Raleigh, North Carolina
Villa Paula Mansion ~ Little Haiti/Miami, Florida
Anchuca Mansion ~ Vicksburg, Mississippi
Hickory Sticks Mansion ~ Columbus, Mississippi
Destrehan Manor Museum ~ Destrehan, Louisiana
The Laveau House ~ New Orleans, Louisiana
Sturtivant Hall ~ Selma, Alabama
Talvande Mansion ~ Charlestown, South Carolina
The Morgan House ~ Wilbraham, Massachusetts
Brickyard Farm House ~ North Woodstock, Connecticut
The Adam Thoroughgood House ~ Virginia Beach, Virginia
Carnton Mansion ~ Franklin, Tennessee
Strawberry Hill Mansion ~ Kansas City, Kansas
Sauer's Castle ~ Kansas City, Kansas
The Ham House ~ Dubuque, Iowa
Octagon House ~ Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
Hearthstone House ~ Appleton, Wisconsin
The Peterson House ~ Hastings, Nebraska
Monaghan Hall ~ Spokane, Washington
Heceta House ~ Yachats, Oregon
Old Hood Residence ~ Portland, Oregon
MacKay Mansion ~ Virginia City, Nevada
Madrona Manor ~ Healdsburg, California
Jean Harlow's Westwood Home ~ Hollywood, California
Colton Hall ~ Monterey, California
Molly Brown House ~ Denver, Colorado
Lilburn Gothic Mansion ~ Ellicott City, Maryland
Hampton House ~ Towson, Maryland
Evert Van Wickle House ~ Franklin Township, New Jersey
Ringwood Manor ~ Ringwood, New Jersey
The Amstel House ~ New Castle, Delaware
Prospect Place mansion ~ Trinway, Ohio
The Vanderlip Mansion ~ Palos Verdes, California
Haw Branch Plantation ~ Amelia, Virginia
Phelps Mansion ~ Stratford, Connecticut
Carriage House Apartments ~ Jacksonville, Florida
Defeo House ~ Amityville, New York
Baleroy Mansion ~ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
pink mansion - woodstock CT
Old Straw House ~ Newfield, Maine
Hudson House ~ Ashland, Alabama
Dorr House ~ Pensacola, Florida
Al Capone's house ~ Sorrento, Florida
Mudhouse Mansion ~ Fairfield, Ohio
Fall Hill Plantation ~ Fredericksburg, Virginia
Sweetwater Plantation ~ Florence, Alabama
Gainswood Plantation ~ Demopolis, Alabama
Loretta Lynn's House ~ Hurricane Mills, Tennessee
Prosperity School Bed & Breakfast-Joplin, Missouri
Jennie Wade House-Gettysburg Pa
hannah house indianapolis indiana
Paine House - Coventry, RI
Makenize House
Sorrel-Weed House ~ Savannah, Georgia
Kennesaw House ~ Marietta, Georgia
Marengo house ~ Lowndesboro, Alabama
Chatham Manor ~ Fredericksburg, Virginia
Emmitt House ~ Waverly, Ohio
Biltmore Estate ~ Asheville, North Carolina
The Riddle House ~ West Palm Beach, Florida
Preston Castle ~ Lone, California
Magnolia Mansion ~ New Orleans, Louisiana
Halcyon House ~ Washington DC
Castle Hill Manor ~ Charlottesville, Virginia

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This mansion, built in 1745, stood on 15,000 acres and was one of the biggest plantations of the south. Shortly after the civil war, the estate was reduced, and fell into disrepair. The mansion was restored around 1969 and remains one of the most haunted places in America. Many odd things have occurred here, from an apparition of a girl in a white dress, thumping noises and eerie footsteps, to multiple sightings of apparitions of two men, walking out of the barn.

entered by : RunsWithScissors
Submitted on : Mar 18,2008 10:48:57 pm

"others are indeed Fact"

Er, did I miss a meeting where we all decided to ignore science, logic and common sense?

No such thing as ghosts, hauntings or haunted houses.

Got that?

^ Why are you trying to ruin the fun for everyone else?

^ Good question.

Voted : Congelier House ~ Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
The house doesn't exist anymore, but it is located close to the site where Ben Roethlisberger was hit by a car. Stay out of that neighborhood.
"Why are you trying to ruin the fun for everyone else?"

Explain where the 'fun' is.

Voted : The Hannah House ~ Indianapolis, Indiana
The Hannah house is an older home in Indianapolis, Indiana built in 1858 by Alexander Moore Hannah.
This is a mansion that over the years has had many owners, all have claimed to hear noises, smell death and see objects move around with out rhyme or reason.

Some believed that possibly one of the original owners possibly Alexander or his wife Elizabeth had come back home to scare away the new owners, but no one knew of any deaths in the home.

The Hannah house had a secret, a very deep dark secret. Alexander Hannah was a very well known abolitionist and was against every thing that slavery stood for. It was learned that his mansion was used as a station on the Underground Railroad or so the legend goes. The runaway or escaped slaves would come to the Hannah house and stay downstairs in the basement until the Hannah’s could secretly put them on a wagon to go to the next Underground Railroad station.

As the legend goes, a fire broke out in the basement of the Hannah House; several slaves were burned alive while trying to keep the whereabouts of the basement quiet. If the Hannah’s had been found to be part of the Underground Railroad their very lives would have been at stake.

Any secrets left in this house, in a quiet Indianapolis neighborhood, will remain secret and the only signs forthcoming will be the groaning, whining and a sudden opening or closing of a door to tell the tale.

The story of Hell House.

Hell House or at least the place it once stood can be found in Ellicott City, Maryland. Hell House is commonly referred to as the Creepy College.

The ground itself was considered to be drenched in blood from the Civil War and everyone told the owner about this. He had dreams of building a high society debutante’s school for his wife, who was a teacher, but many of the locals expressed their concerns and he ignored all their warnings. On the land, he built St. Mary’s College.

The years passed and the owner of the school and his wife had a beautiful daughter born in which they named Agatha. She grew up in the school and was known to be one of the most beautiful girls in the area. Her parents loved her and enjoyed watching her grow. At the age of 16 when Aggie was ready, to have her coming out party she began to hear voices, not just any voices, but voices of malice and malevolence. She told her mother who became worried that her daughter may be coming down with dimensia. She called the doctor, who came to visit and gave her a complete good bill of health. The voices did not stop. The night of the party, Aggie’s mom went into her room to help her daughter get ready for the wonderful evening they had planned. When she entered the room, she found Aggie lying on the floor dead. A large vanity mirror had crushed her skull.

After, Aggie’s death, her mom could not overcome the depression that she felt. She often roamed the hallways in search of her departed daughter. Many of the girls that lived at the school would see her often with the ghost of Aggie walking by her side. One evening, Aggie’s father awoke in the middle of the night to find that his wife was in the bed. He went in search only to find his wife hanging from the rope that rang the bell in the bell tower.

After this, he closed the school. Within a short time, he died of tuberculoses. In his will, he left the school to a convent to atone for his sins by not adhering to the warnings so many years before.

Voted : The Old Slave House (Hickory Hill) near Harrisburg, Illinois
Hickory Hill was built by a man named John Hart Crenshaw and became a blight on the history of Illinois. In those days, it was illegal to own slaves in Illinois but because no man would work the brutal salt mines of Saline County, it was allowed that slaves could be leased from other states to work. Crenshaw owned several salt tracts and quickly took advantage of the law.

He built Hickory Hill in 1842 and began a new scheme that would bring him even more money than the salt mines could. He devised a plan to kidnap free blacks and put them to work in the salt mines. He also sold these people back to slave owners in the south, creating a sort of reverse "underground railroad."

Once the house was completed, Crenshaw added a few finishing touches like a carriage door that opened directly into the house so that slaves could be taken up a secret passage directly to the attic. In was in the attic that the slaves were imprisoned during the night and some say, subjected to brutal torture. According to the stories, there was also an underground tunnel that led from the basement to the river, where slaves could be loaded at night.

Crenshaw devised another plan, this one to create slaves of his own. He selected a slave for his size and stamina and set him to breeding more slaves with the females that could bear children. This man, known simply as "Uncle Bob" was said to have fathered as many as 300 children. He lived until the age of 112 and died in 1948.

The attic at Hickory Hill was a chamber of horrors. A dozen cells opened off a wide corridor. They were small rooms with bars on the windows and with iron rings where shackles could be bolted to the floor. The attic had only a small window at either end, so the air was stifling. A whipping post was also constantly in use and many of the valuable slaves were said to have died at the cruel hands of Crenshaw and his men.

In 1842, Crenshaw was brought to trial for selling a free family into slavery. The case could not be proven until after the trial and by then it was too late. The prosecutor would try again in 1846, the same year that one of Crenshaw's slaves attacked him with an ax, severing his leg. His slave trade days were over and his mill was burned to the ground. He died in 1871 and he and his wife were buried at Hickory Hill Cemetery.

Many years later, the house was opened as a tourist attraction and it was no secret that strange things were going on in the house. Tourist were reporting hearing strange noises coming from the attic. . .noises that sounded like cries and whimpers, and even rattling chains.

In Illinois, disclosure laws state if the house is known to be haunted you've got to disclose that.
Voted : Kolb Ridge Court Housing Development ~ Marietta, Georgia
The Kolb Creek Farm was the sight of a Civil War skirmish where soldiers died, near Kennesaw Mountain June 22, 1864, known as The Battle of Kolb's Farm. Estimated casualties: 1350 (Union: 350, Confederates 1,000) It happened around the time of the major battle at Kennesaw Mountain, when General Sherman and his troops tried to defeat Confederate General Joe Johnson's troops who had dug in around the mountain. Johnson's troops held their position, costing the union troops the loss of several thousand lives. The original farm house has been preserved as a historic place.

Residents of these houses have reported having apparitions of Civil War soldiers walking through their homes.

Destrehan Manor Museum ~ Destrehan, Louisiana

Destrehan Manor was chosen to be one of the filming locations for the film, "Interview with a Vampire."

Destrehan Manor has the distinction of being the oldest antebellum home found along the Mississippi River. It was built in 1790 for a free mulatto, Charles deLogny and his bride, Robin. Destrehan Manor's two story core structure has the basic architectural idea known as the raised cottage West Indies-Creole building plan, originally brought to the new world by the Spanish, and adopted by the early planters for their homes, as it has features which fit in well with life along the Gulf Coast and Mississippi.

From 1790-1860, Indigo was the crop raised on his plantation, which later was switched to sugar cane, because this crop thrived in the hot, wet muggy weather. Being a working plantation, slaves were an important part of the work force. Stephen Henderson, who married the youthful Eleonor Destrehan, 30 years his junior, only lived in this place for a few years, tried to change this reality. In his will, he freed all the slaves and left his money for a factory to be built on the estate which would manufacture shoes and clothes for black people. This of course went over like a lead balloon with the surviving family. Other family members contested the will, and it was thrown out in 1838, allowing the sale of the plantation to Charles' granddaughter, Louise and her husband Judge Pierre.

During the Civil War, the Union army took over the Destrehan Manor making it a place for freed slaves to learn a trade.

Old Hood Residence ~ Portland, Oregon

The ghosts that stay here, are a result of an incident that happened in 1973, a deadly example of domestic violence. A mother and her five children went to stay at this house, to get away from her estranged husband. Around 2:50 AM one early morning, two days before Christmas, this mother made the fatal mistake of letting her estranged husband in the front door. After beating her, he shot her to death on the couch near the front door, and then killed himself.

Jean Harlow's Westwood Home ~ Hollywood, California

Jean Harlow, when told by the studio to move to a nicer area, rented this home in the early 1930's, moving in with her parents, and lived there for about four years. When she married Paul Bern, she continued to rent the house for her parents. She married Paul Bern in this home's living room.

Her marriage to Paul Bern was a disastrous move. On the second night after their honeymoon, Bern beat her savagely in the home's downstairs bathroom, damaging her kidneys. She later showed her mother what he did to her. Harlow tried to make up with Paul, but he rejected her. She was in the upstairs bedroom when she heard the news that Bern had shot and killed himself at his home. She immediately blamed herself and tried to take her own life by swallowing an overdose of sleeping medication.

After being told to leave this home by her parents, she built herself a new home, where she lived for a few years before dying from her damaged kidneys.

The Molly Brown House ~ Denver, Colorado

This beautiful 1889 red sand and gray rhyolite stone, 7,000 square ft Victorian is three stories, with the usual attic and basement. It's claim to fame is that Molly and her husband James Joseph Brown bought this mansion in 1894. Margaret Tobin Brown, i.e. Molly Brown, was traveling on The Titanic luxury liner when it hit an iceberg and sank in 1912, and lived to tell about it.

Voted : Prospect Place mansion ~ Trinway, Ohio
Prospect Place mansion in Trinway, Ohio, is believed to be haunted by the spirits of many persons who have died there since the construction of the mansion in 1856. Ghosts are said to include the original owner, G. W. Adams, William Cox, Jr., Constance Cox, Anna Adams and the victims of a horrific train wreck that happened near the mansion in the late 19th century. Another building on the property, the barn, is also reported to be haunted by the ghost of a bounty hunter who had tracked runaway slaves to this underground railroad safe house.
Voted : The Vanderlip Mansion ~ Palos Verdes, California
former home of Frank A. Vanderlip, the wealthiest landowner on the peninsula. Local urban legends claim that either Vanderlip's wife or daughter killed the rest of the family, including Frank's two dogs, and committed suicide at this site. At night, visions of family members are said to have been seen in the windows of the mansion while the dogs have been spotted haunting the wooded area and hillside behind the mansion. During the day, human voices can supposedly be heard in the wooded area.

Voted : Waverly hills sanatorium
Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky -
A former tuberculosis hospital, Waverly Hills has been of strong interest with paranormal investigators, some calling it "the most haunted place on Earth". There are unconfirmed reports of more than 60,000 deaths at the site, and the property owners, workers, and investigators have claimed that at almost anytime you can see strange lights, phantasms and shadows moving around the corridors and rooms of the building.

Voted : Haw Branch Plantation ~ Amelia, Virginia
This mansion, built in 1745, stood on 15,000 acres and was one of the biggest plantations of the south. Shortly after the civil war, the estate was reduced, and fell into disrepair. The mansion was restored around 1969 and remains one of the most haunted places in America. Many odd things have occurred here, from an apparition of a girl in a white dress, thumping noises and eerie footsteps, to multiple sightings of apparitions of two men, walking out of the barn.
Voted : Phelps Mansion ~ Stratford, Connecticut
Eliakim Phelps was a firm believer in spiritualism. He experimented by holding sťances, and other practices of contacting the dead. On March 1st, 1850, he opened a paranormal pothole in which he could not control. Several ghosts, including a spirit named Goody Bassett, a woman hanged as a witch in 1661, approached the entire family. The activity was centered around his children. When they left the mansion for boarding school, the activity stopped.
Voted : Carriage House Apartments ~ Jacksonville, Florida
Centered around apartment #40, the ghosts have become such a nuisance that the apartment is now a storage room. A former manager and an elderly couple who lived in #40 for 25 years continue to haunt the apartment building. A presence is also evident in the courtyard area.
Voted : Defeo House ~ Amityville, New York
Probably the most famous haunted house in America. One night in November 1974, Ronald Defeo, who was 24 years old, killed his parents, two brothers, and two sisters, saying that voices ordered him to kill his family. He was charged with the murders, and sentenced to six consecutive life terms in prison.
^ In December 1975, the house was purchased by George and Kathy Lutz. Within a month, the Lutze's abandoned the house, and moved in with friends. Rumors started to spread. Prompting the news media that evil spirits possessed the house. Later, the Lutze's commissioned Jay Anson to write the Amityville Horror in 1977, which was made into a hit movie, and releasing four sequels. The present owners of the house have reported no haunting activity at all.
Voted : Baleroy Mansion ~ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Curses, and many ghosts haunt this mansion. A 200-year-old wing chair belongs to the spirit of Amelia. Anyone who sits in the chair soon dies. At least four deaths have been blamed on this deadly curse. Cold spots linger throughout the mansion, even the ghost of Thomas Jefferson has appeared here. Owned by the descendants of civil war general George Meade, his possessions along with items belonging to Napoleon Bonaparte furnishes the house.
Voted : Old Straw House ~ Newfield, Maine
Haunted by Hannah Straw who is buried under the kitchen floor.
Voted : The Old Allen House ~ Monticello, Arkansas
How can you post a picture with your comment?
How can you post a picture in your comment?
The Old Allen House is well known in the south and especially in Arkansas. It's said to be haunted by the ghost of LaDell Allen and her son E. Allen Bonner and perhaps LaDell's mother, Caddye Allen. There is a website for it where you can schedule a tour. And there is an annual tour on Halloween.
Voted : Sorrel-Weed House ~ Savannah, Georgia
People claim to see figures in the windows and hear disembodied voices inside the house. The connecting carriage house behind the main house was said to have housed a female African-American slave who was murdered by a member of the family.

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