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that would be out robbing and picking up trash on the side of the road if NFL didn't hire them?

this is a response to an article on CNN where Michael Vick and Plexico Burgess is about to hired back on with a fine.

Yes, they are bunch of would be criminals
No, they are heroes and athletes
In between, but few are like Michael Vick
Each case is different
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^ That's NFL. It was early...

entered by : Truthseeker013
Submitted on : Jul 01,2009 3:48:27 pm

Voted : In between, but few are like Michael Vick
But as an animal lover I don't care for Vick

Voted : Each case is different
Michael Vick has served his time according to the law. It is up to him to show remorse and attrition.

Donte' Stallworth killed a man a received 24 days in jail, plus community service.

Plaxico Burress only injured himself. (I know that's still no excuse) He broke gun laws of the State of New York. He will see jail time.

I don't want to make this comment a difference between a human life Vs. a canine life.

But I can not help but see that more people are outraged by Vick's crime than Stallworth's.

I don't know if it is because Vick lied about it and tried to cover it up, along with the torture of these animals. And of course other issues that have surfaced with him.

And Stallworth called 911 and fully cooperated with authorities and paid the family a sum of money.

Is it because what Stallworth did... driving while impaired... is something that most of us can relate to better than what Vick did to those dogs?

Burress on the other hand reminds of a immature teen that doesn't think about his consequences until it's too late. And then still doesn't care.

I hope that Vick truly turns his life around and can move forward. But I think his NFL career is over. He has been away from the field for too long a time. And he wasn't a accurate passer when he was on top of his game. My guess is that he would be just a shell of what he was.

Stars have always been given preferential treatment on one side of the aisle and tried to be made an example on the other side of that aisle.

Stallworth is one side of that Aisle and Vick is on the other side.

Voted : No
The mindless hoodlums are the ones the Fourth Estate keep focusing on. A number of MFL players run programs that keep kids out of trouble and provide guidance toward fulfilling lives.
^ That's NFL. It was early...
Voted : No
No more full of thugs than this place is. Or any other place for that matter. Like Truth said, it's what the media focuses on.

Drug charges, dog fighting, and killing is more gossip worthy than taking kids off the streets or donating to charity.

wow, never even heard of stallworth...
by LCD [+]

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