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[+] serious ballot by forgetmenot

What would you say about a captain who stays high and dry while everyone else sinks? I am speaking of Obama accepting his paycheck while the "little" government employees go without Doesn't Obama realize what a historically powerful president he would make of himself if he let himself live as one of us in this respect for a while? His keeping himself in the money and apart from us and above us will hurt him and his image more than anything dumb he has done so far to hurt it.

Great President
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The Elected Elite live in a different world from us little people. Very good ballot, by the way.

entered by : Luigi
Submitted on : Apr 10,2011 11:37:33 am

Voted : Coward
Him standing up and saying "lets cut waste" and actually doing it instead of fiddle farting around and playing politics would make him a historically powerful president.

Still waiting on that change, Obama. Still waiting...

The Elected Elite live in a different world from us little people.
Very good ballot, by the way.

huh? im not defending obama in this mess, but what makes you think that he would receive his check if the government shuts down?
by LCD [+]

^My husband and I heard it one the news last week that Obama and members of Congress would still get paid during a governmental shut down.
was it fox news? :P
by LCD [+]

My cousin told me last week that she now only watches Fox news , I almost felt like crying, not so much that she tunes into Fox, but that it was the ONLY newscast she gets her information from.

We lost her. :(

^ nothing to do with the ballot, just thought I'd share. :)
If you're talking about the government shut down, that was averted. But the point would have been interesting.
Politicians receive a salary, a set amount for their position, it's really not like getting a weekly paycheck, though I'm not sure of the frequency it's paid.

I believe the President receives $160,000 a year.

Much tho I am loathe to agree with passiveidiot He's right. I don't think he could stop his pay.

But there is more to this anyway. They only wanted obama in for a single term. He was a mollifying influence for the middle east. A token vaguely muslim coloured black man becomes president. They still have an agenda in the middle east but this time its more sedition and trouble making with the moderates. Hence all the hassle in egypt and lybia. You don't live in a democracy anymore guys. wake up and smell the bullshit.

Of course if you keep the president detatched from reality he wouldn't even know how he was being demonised. At least not till it was too late. As far as the rest of the planet goes obama's been great because less people have been brutally slaughtered under him than bush.
So nice you could stop by Quirk. BTW, get a life, it's passivegenius to you. Oboma isn't Muslim fool.
Actually it's only passivegenius to you. its passivemoron to the rest of us. Want proof? I never suggested obama was a muslim. Learn to read mr genius.
Muslim 'colored'? Racist.

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