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Countless public opinion polls conducted in the industrialized world indicate a growing majority of the pubic now support the legalization of marijuana, but rarely are the public queried in regards to support for the legalization of other criminalized drugs. So, I'd like to now gauge public support for the legalization of the hardest of illicit substances, heroin, by asking: are you for, or against, the legalization of heroin?


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the government has no business in anyone's private life

entered by : ABC
Submitted on : Feb 04,2012 10:48:00 am

Voted : For
I'm fully aware of its risks and I'd never condone its use, but as a civil libertarian, I believe the level of control government can exert over our lives as mandated by the war on drugs to ultimately be the greatest evil.

Legalize heroin? For what reason? That's one nasty drug. Legalizing marijuana is a step in the right direction though because of it's medicinal value. That, along with the fact that weed shouldn't even be in the same class as heroin.
I was busted for possession of one marijuana cigarette two years ago, which cost me $300 in fines. When I stood up in front of the judge, I was charged with drug abuse. Really? For one joint?

No, marijuana shouldn't be compared to heroin. The only valid comparison to make is they're both criminalized.

My previous comment attests to why I believe heroin should be legalized.

Voted : For
the government has no business in anyone's private life
by ABC [+]

The government is there is to set rules and guidelines for us. Without that, we would be a people free to do whatever we wanted to do without any fear of punishment. Without rules and guidelines, the laws we do have would cease to exist.

Voted : Against
I am for legalizing pot not heroin.
Yes, legalize it to be used for Lethal Injection of Prisoners on Death Row!
I'm not saying government should be abolished, but it shouldn't be utilized to throw drug users in cages for decades at a time like animals. Criminalizing heroin is as morally reprehensible as criminalizing marijuana, sodomy, pornography or abortion, because said laws in effect subjugate the individual's free will.

Free will... I can't think of any other human attribute that better encapsulates the very essence of what it is to be human.

Voted : For
People who want heroin are going to buy it one way or another, so why not have the money go to the economy rather than to cold-blooded killers?

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