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In my opinion, Hillary Duff is. What do you think?

Hillary Duff
Britney Spears
They both suck!!
Toby Keith is the best!!!!!!!!!
Can I have what's behind Door No 3?
Hilary Duff
Big Mama & the toilet lickers
Both are no talent whores
Miley Cyrus is better than both of them, and she's way overhyped as it is...
Give Me Someone Who is Actually Worth Listining to And i'll Give You a Vote ~ wolf_of_FLAMEZ
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They both truly suck. I think shit sounds better.

entered by : Mad_Pickle_Disease
Submitted on : Feb 10,2004 12:07:21 pm

Thats like asking "what tastes better rotten meat or excrement?"
If you do eat s##t try it with tomato sauce,it's not tastes better then.

Fuck Bush!
They could sound like Ethel Merman for all I care. I'll just turn down the volume anyway.

Just keep shaking those asses.

Whats with the "its not tastes better" what idiot wrote that?
Oh,it was me,what a bloody idiot!
I am, fucker
I'd say Britney by default because she can sort of sing, while Hilary can't at all -- but I'd fuck both of them anytime anyday.
No shit, Sherlock
Right ON!
Hillary Duff can sing okay, but Britney Spears just... don't go there
I'll fuck hilary anyday. She's hella hot.
Neither, silly!
They both truly suck. I think shit sounds better.
they both suck
They both suck, but my ears don't bleed quite as much when Hilary Duff sings.
Britney Spears just moans and goes uhhh yaaa ohh yaa
eew...hillary duff? *shakes head*
i want to fuck them both
they both lip sync
both of them are sluts they cant sing worth shit n they both need 2 be shot!
I'd say a beagle that's just been hit by a cement truck makes more pleasing sounds than either one.
THEY BOTH SUCK!!! down with the teenywhores! up with RANCID! (and Belle and Sebastian! and AFI! ok, i like too many bands..)
I hate Hilary so I will say Britney is better, hee hee.
Who Cares?
I'd DP Hilary Duff and then Cum in Britney's mouth

that's like asking "Who's a faster runner, Christopher Reeve or Stephen Hawking?"
They both sing terrible! I cant even stand to listen to one of Britney's songs. Same with Hilary. Well the point was there so bad one isnt worse than the other.
Hilary Duff falls short of Britney in both singing and looks.

"I love rockin roll, put anotha dime in the juke box baby, blah blah blah....Hilary Duff is an ugly bitch and i wouldn't date her if u payed me.

hillary is always better than brit face she can't even sing.well hillary can have sex witth me and sing the best
I only said Hilary is better. She's not very good at singing at all. Just a slight amount better than Britney...
Britney Spears definitely.
Alright, both of them suck, we know that. This is why it's a tough poll. It's like choosing whether Nixon or Harding was a better president. That's the point of this poll.
Y'all got to be f**king kidding me.
I won the motherf**king Star Search when I was 11. How f**king retarded are you people?
The question was who's a better singer, not who would you sleep with. And it's only 2 people not Bush or anyone else.
Hilary Duff is a lot better.
Polls like this make my head hurt...
This ballot has more votes than I expected. I guess this is a very hard question!!
fuck me
She has such a SWEET voice and the looks to match it!

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