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best :
[+] ballot by mari420

Who do you think is the most talented?
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Chad Smith
Lars Ulrich
Ringo Starr
Dave Grohl
Joey Kramer
Bun. E. Carlos
Keith Moon
Neal Pert
ryan rothwell
Danny Carry (tool)
John Bonham
Travis from blink 182
Ian Paice
Phil Collins
Jimmy Chamberlin
Brad Wilk (rage against machine, audioslave)
chris wilson (from good charlotte)
Colin "Cozy" Powell - Rainbow, Jeff Beck
joey jordison - skipknot
Bill Bruford (Yes, UK, King Crimson, etc...)
Mick Fleetwood
Mike Portnoy
Carter Beauford
Stevo from Sum41
buddy rich
Ginger Baker (Cream)
nicko mc brain
Tommy Lee
steven adler
Nick Barker (Dimmu Borgir, Old Man's Child)
Stewart Copeland
Cyrus Bolooki (new found glory)
Joey Capizolla from Metalstorm Houston YeY
Simon Phillips
Kevin Miller from Fuel
Carl Palmer
Gil Moore from Triumph
Fabrizio Moretti (The Strokes)
Bill Ward
dave lambardo
Steve Smith (Journey, Vital Information)
Marky Ramone
meg white
the ORIGINAL primus drummer
Zigaboo Modeliste
Scott Raynor....Old Blink182 drummer
Matt Johnson (formerly of Human Factors Lab)
Bev Bevan (ELO)
chad sexton from 311
John Bonham (zeppelin)
the little drummer boy
luke munns
taylor hawkins - foo fighters
The chick in the Shaggs
Wally Gulden
joey jordison
stephanie bowen....lolol
Danny Carey (TOOL!)
Phil Rudd of AC/DC
neil peart
alex van halen
Dave McClain (Machine Head)
Micky Dolenz
travis barker
Anton Arkhipov (Magic Kingdom)
Gary Burghoff
mickey hart
Jughead from the Archies
Always gonna be John Bonham
Sam Ulano
Michael Jackson - The King of Music
W Guldenzopf
john bohnam very creative
Lewis Guldenzopf
"tex" ritter
Jonathon White
Alexis White
Dave Lombardo
Max Weinberg (conan o'brien)
Phil 'the animal' Taylor (Motorhead)
Phil Rudd- AC/DC
Vinne Paul-Pantera
nick mason (pinkfloyd)
Johnny Fay
Shannon Larkin - Godsmack
my bud Jonathon
Lasse Nielsen
maynard ferguson drummer
Lester Estelle Jr. - Pillar
Larry Mullen Jr. (U2)
Dave Duran
Barrymore Barlow (Jethro Tull)
Neil Primrose from Travis
Ben Essenhigh
that black guy from drum line
kenney jones (small faces, who)
louis belson
Racci SHay (Dope)
Rick Allen
Karen Carpenter (of The Carpenters)
Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan
papa jo jones
Eric Carr from KISS
steve smith
Judge Thomas Jones
Animal-- from The Muppets
John Elles
Pete Best (1st drummer of the Beatles)
Adolfo "Fito" de la Parra ( Canned Heat)

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Kayla's gigantic nipples or her fuzzy's

entered by : 5550ME
Submitted on : Feb 14,2004 11:02:42 pm

Simon Phillips you morons! Is any one here a real musician? Although I am a drummer my main instrument is guitar and not one of you said Simon Phillips

Cozy, Keith Moon and Neil Peart are great drummers. But Im sorry Simon Phillips is possibly the best of all time. And no one listed him!
interviewer: " do you think Ringo Starr was the best drummer in the world?"

John Lennon: " He wasn't even the best drummer in the band"

ummm has anyone heard an live moby dick by john bonham??? damn,bonham can kick ass.
neil peart kicks ass!
i play good congos
John Bonham and Kieth Moon. Great! British! Nuff said
lars ulrich is so fucking lazy and slow u only like him cuz he's in metallica
dave lombardo is better than 95 % of the mother fuckers on this poll. Neil pert kicks ass
Matt Johnson, who ditched Human Factors Lab, because he is one of our bestest friends and he just rocks!
Kayla's gigantic nipples or her fuzzy's
how in the name of buddy rich's ass could anyone vote travis barker over danny carey.i am completly at a loss here.
"Weird Al" Yankovic's drummer Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz. If you never heard him before you gotta, listen to Weird Al's song "ALBUQUERQUE" and you'll see.
Holy god. Get Travis 'shithead' Barker off that damn list. It's a horrible atrocity that he made it above Danny Carey AND Lars Ulrich. You dumbfucks obviously know NOTHING. Who the hell put the child molester on there??? skrew you all.
Dave Lombardo of Slayer.
No one come close to his powerful drumming!
He could beat one of those electronic drum machines!

who the fuck cares???
I was seriously thinking about quitting football and joining the ban to drum. But then again, it might be too late for that. I am just about half way through high school, so it might be too late to play the drums for the band. But Hell, football kicks ass. So I probaly won't. But BTW, i think i kick ass at the drums. I can play the beats of Smashmouth's
"Walking on the Sun", and Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean"

Lars Ulrich SUCKS, have you even listened to St Anger??? WOW, he is totally pathetic, might I ask, is he deaf now or something? I mean, if he's lost his hearing I could possibly understand how he could be so totally pathetic, because he sounds like he's trying to be a punk rock drummer, completely out of tune and just hammering away at the drums as hard as he can with no real purpose or beat.

Please, PLEASE don't be one of those blinded metallica fans that tries to pass off St Anger as good music, St Anger the song and the album both SUCK hard.

Roger Taylor
anyone who says lars ulrich sucks has never touched a drumset or is just retarded. lars is good because of his fills, understanding of music, song writting, bridges, and the occasional complicated beat.
anyone who says lars ulrich sucks has never touched a drumset or is just retarded. lars is good because of his fills, understanding of music, song writting, bridges, and the occasional complicated beat.
please everyone, your comments are so stupid. none of you know anything about music. travis is a good drummer. his band sucks, but he is a well known and repsected drummer in every drummers mind.
dave lambardo from SLAYER? what are the hell are you? he and his band suck. in some of his songs he doesnt even play in concert. most drummers use a machine on a cd, but play live in concert the same beats.
Da chicago is gay. you made the part about you being on a football team to hide it. Smashmouth sucks and is easy to play. you dont impress anyone you fag so shutup.

Your MOM, cuz she beats the dick like a muthaf*ckin' drummer chick. BUUUUUURRRNED!
this was a tough one but i had to go with bonham from lz he kicks ass especially in concert all you punk rock voters get your head out of your ass they suck convert to the mighty classic rock LZ, Queen, Steve miller r ur new rulers hahaha
i kick so much ass
and you blink 182 fans go suck some big donkey balls because maybe you will grow some


In no specific order:

Keith Moon
John Bonham
David Lovering (Pixies)
Dave Grohl
Danny Carey
The first drummer from Guns N' Roses kicked ass

Carter Beauford is smooth but he doesn't exactly rock the house

Most of you people probably aren't even drummers. Try some of Travis's shit! Then say he sucks! Bastards! You Suck! Bastards!
I realise he's probably lost 99% of his credibility thanks to his solo career, acting and politics, but, for me, the greatest drummer was, in his day, Phil Collins. Check out some early Genesis or Brand X and prepare to be amazed at what a phenomenal musician he was.
punk said: 'Cozy Powell, who unfortunately died in an auto accident in England about a year ago'

I know you said it 6 months ago but you were still 4 and a half years out - he died in April '98.

Doesn't time fly?!

i couldn't be arsed to read the whole list but lars ulrich is definitley one of the top candidates along with joey jordison (of slipknot) - both huge talents in my opinion. also what the fuck - ozzy osbourne isn't a drummer.
System Of A Down
l RO
i CK

I realise I'm going to upset some people but I still maintain John Bonham is incredibly over-rated. He was good, yeah - solid as a rock, big sound, great band. But technically, emotionally, creatively, there have been, and are, hundreds better.
HELLHAMMER from Mayhem is the all-time best drummer, hands down. Anyway, it doesn't hurt that Mayhem are prominent NSBM leaders in the Norweigian scene.
Weird Al Yankovic's drummer Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz. If you never heard him before you gotta, listen to Weird Al's song "ALBUQUERQUE" and you'll see.
Buddy Rich, Neil Peart and Phil Collins are the only ones near the top who are / were seriously talented drummers.
Yes, Mac McNeilly,his raw sound is awsome! Steve Albini produced a lot of Jesus Lizard stuff, and the sound that was created, especially the drums are pure badass.
Its a toss up between Joey from slipknot and Danny from tool.
eric carr & eric singer of KISS no compition.
simon phillips is the best drummer ever made in this world

Voted : joey jordison - skipknot
Dude Joey Jordison is so hardcore!!! hes the best drummer in the world!!!

Danny Carey is the Best
all of these guys are great,but they forgot Krupa and louis belson.
It all started with these guys! Just a little tribute people please!

how can Gene Krupa not be in this list? He made modern rock drumming possible.
Voted : Larry Mullen Jr. (U2)
Plus he's sexy. You don't get that many sexy drummers.
Oh wait, I forgot about Phil Collins! It's a tie.
Voted : Judge Thomas Jones
Can I get a mopology?

One more time...if this does not work, I might have to review my notes.

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