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[+] joke ballot by archon

Jazercunt or COCKmed, that is the question. COCKMED aka fucks sheep however our lovely Jazercunt drinks vodka and dreams of some day throwing the NOTB into jail. Who's more psychotic? You decide.

BM cuz he's not REALLY dead
Annie - cuz she's out there somewhere
Some asshole called Mark
Stinky Snatch MARGO
Nance the HO
Pussy Meowchie
mark follansbee
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Help! My Snatch stinks! Come lick me and clean it like you did last night Cher. I wonder if bleach will kill the smell in my snatch.

entered by : stinkysnatchmargo
Submitted on : Oct 29,2003 6:31:41 pm

skeezer needs mental help

Newsgroup owner and resident psychotic.
I make live doody.
I'm Jaz the SCAT QUEEN.
Cher is the most psychotic. Thinks her shit don't stink, but honey, it does!! Margo is her butch lover too. And Margo is NOT HOT. Cher is a nasty skank too with a smelly snatch but Margo likes her smelly snatch cuz hers stinks too!
Help! My Snatch stinks! Come lick me and clean it like you did last night Cher. I wonder if bleach will kill the smell in my snatch.
I have a stinky snatch dooooooooooooo daaaaaaaaaaaaaaa dooooooooooooooooooo daaaaaaaa
Peeeeeeeeeeeeeee Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww, maybe i had better change my underwear with all the crust and stink in it. Smells like stink bait!
I finger myself too! Not many people like to get very close to my stinky pussy, except Cher. Thank goodness for my vibrator. It's the only form of penis that will get close to me.
I stink, i stink, someone get me some heavy duty cleaner for my crotch.
Cher thought her doctor said psychic when he really said psychotic. She "don't" understand.
Leave Gork alone. Much prune juice means stay home.
Leave Margo alone. Her boyfriend lost his volleyball at sea.
Leave Cher alone. She never rode a pony.
Leave Gia alone. She survived the holocaust.
Lieve Dro a lone. She snortes apostrophy's.
I'm stupid and retarded. Kick my ass and see me squeal.
Mom spends all her time in the park looking for men. Does that mean she's psychotic?
Can someone help me?
My snatch is still so smelly even after the bleach i cleaned it with.

It's me Margo ya fuckhead!
Hi everyone. I'm here! The wannabe board bully. i know i am not as bad i think i am. I'm just a fat lonely housewife that likes to try to make people scared of me. Heck i couldn't even catch you i am so big. Anyone wanna go to the park so i can beat you up?
i forgot to add, i can sit on you. That's all i can do.
Get off my web page!
Pardon me while I pull out my ass hairs. Okay. That's better. Where were we?
Well, i have the biggest cunt. I'll shove anything i can get up that stinky hole.
Antone wanna meet in the park so i can act like a big bad ass? Notice, i said ACT?
Help Me! I'm going to inherit Lanie's intellect!!
Help! My birth announcement is going to say I'm SPECHAL!
Margo? Can i lick your stinky snatch please?
I'm the most psychotic because I cheat on my husband with the mailman and then when my friends laugh at me I say the mailman is stalking me. But really I call the mailman everyday. I hope my husband doesn't see this. He will throw a big can of coke at my head!
I am going to have my nose hair braided today. It's a special day. I am going back to Lucky's house.
Cher can I lick your stinky snatch while I rub one out?
Camel toe, of course you can lick my stinky snatch. Beware, it smells pretty BAD!
I am used to really bad smelly snatches. I lick Lanie all the time.
I need my balls trimmed.
I have balls, i born with male and female parts. Margo likes to suck my penis along with MEOWCHIE! Then, they lick my clit. They are so obsessed with cunts, they love mine.
Good morning one and all. Cher, don't tell people about how i love to lick your clit! I thought that was just between us.
My anus stings.
Oh Oh Ah Ah Oh Oh MMMMM Ahhhh
Does Raven at least suck more than me?

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