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When the urge strikes, no place is safe. Thar She Blows!

Movie Theatre
At Work
Gas Station
Amusement Park Ride
Doctor's Office
On my food at IHOP
on my bf after i choked on his dick
Raelien cult convention at a quebec campground
in a BK cup in my bosses truck
Limo in Central Park surrounded by family.
on Michael Jackson's ugly face
Orlando Bloom
on a air-hostess
In the deep fryer at McDonald's
On the Prime Minister of Japan
in a classroom at school
My sister-in-laws lap
Drivers ed class
Boot Camp
in bed
On the ceiling
in a fishtank
In a bucket. It was hysterical.
Out my Psycology classroom when I was in college
In a taxi cab
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I threw up in bed when I was a little kid. Actually, that was the only place where I've ever thrown up.

entered by : zorra
Submitted on : Oct 05,2004 2:05:09 am

On ur dad's dick

on a air-hostess, i was really sick and when i wanted to tell her that i was goin to throw up, it was too late...oops!
On my own shoes, at a Subway set up at Six Flags. Man, this family eating-the look on their faces-shit that was good!
On your moms pussy
I used to always throw up at the dentist's office. Convenient timing.
In a car with five other girls. I had one too many and they couldn't pull over in time. Everything is a little hazy but I do remember the driver pulling over, jumping out and screaming, "jesus christ, it's even in my shoes"
Oh, and down the back of some German guy I met at a wine festival in Germany. He was hugging me and then, blup....right down his back. I was a real popular girl.
a tortilla warmer
In the back of a limo in Central Park -- I get motion sickness all too easily, and we just got off a three-hour flight from Kansas City Int'l Airport to LaGuardia. Mom had rented a limo because there wasn't much of a price difference between a limo and taking a bus -- it was $95 to rent a limo to take us directly to the hotel, whereas it'd been $90 to take a bus ($15 per person times 6 of us). So we're cruising along in the limo and I wasn't feeling well -- everyone else is enjoying the scenery in NYC and I'm around the back of the limo, my head tilted back in agony. During a "shortcut" through Central Park, a cold sweat shot through me and I knew I wasn't going to make it and I announced as such. My dad said, "Use your hat!" as I thought, "Go fuck yourself, Dad!" Mom emptied out a cloth bag that had tourist shit in it, gave it to me, and out came the really shitty pancakes I ate on the plane. Two minutes later, we got to the hotel -- a really upscale place, with a bellhop and all. I was, of course, the first person out of the limo, and the bellhop asked me, "Is everything coming out?," referring to the luggage. I just said "Everything already did come out." The worst part of it all was that I pulled all sorts of muscles in my ribcage and was in pain for the rest of the trip.
I also threw up all over the bus driver in 4th grade, and I threw up at a rest stop outside Chicago right next to a young picnicking family.
All in all, I've vomited in 6 states: Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, South Dakota, Illinois, and New York.
I was in ranks at boot camp, chewin' it back and my RDC (Drill Instructor) just watched for a while until he saw I was about to pop. I half-ran, half-jogged to the other side of the courtyard and exploded about 2 meters from the can and splattered the insides! I just know everyone wanted to turn and watch, but they were in ranks and couldn't move.
I threw up in bed when I was a little kid. Actually, that was the only place where I've ever thrown up.
I used to pass out and throw up in church all the time when I was a little kid. I think it was an early sign. God knew he didn't want me there.
Voted : In a taxi cab
I was a LITTLE kid and the driver was driving very choppily. Mom told him to drive smoother because I get carsick. Well, he didn't and I did. My puke went down the inside of the his window. He got so mad. I didn't feel bad about it. He brought it on by not driving smoother.

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