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[+] serious ballot by patch22us

Privacy and freedom seem to be in great jeopardy these passed few years; whether it can be fully blamed on George W. Bush is debatable. But what is not in question is that these threats to our privacy, basic freedoms and right to speak up are under attack and they seem to be coming from the Bush administration and some very unethical Republican leaders. Belwo is an article from CNN that lends supoort to this fact:

Senate leaders vow author will be held accountable

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist said Sunday that "accountability will be carried out" against whoever slipped a provision into an omnibus spending bill that would have allowed two committee chairmen to view the tax returns of any American.
"I have no earthly idea how it got in there," Frist said on CBS's "Face The Nation." "Nobody is going to defend this."
The language was caught and removed in the Senate on Saturday, but the House will have to approve the fix before the spending bill can be sent to the White House for President Bush's signature.
However, the delay will not cause a government shutdown. Congress already had passed a stopgap resolution to fund government agencies through December 3 in order to give the White House time to consider the omnibus bill.
A military plane flew that resolution to Chile, where Bush was attending the APEC summit, so the president could sign it to avoid any disruption of government.
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, a California Democrat, said in a written statement that "The Republicans' lack of transparency and willingness to abuse their power is undermining democracy. It should be of grave concern to all Americans that their privacy could be invaded by such an outrageous provision."
Sen. John McCain said Sunday that the episode points up the problems created when Congress passes gigantic spending bills at the end of a session, before anyone has time to read them.
"If there is ever a graphic example of the broken system that we now have, that certainly has to be it," the Arizona Republican said on NBC's "Meet The Press." "How many other provisions didn't we find in that 1,000-page bill?"
Democratic Sen. Charles Schumer of New York called Sunday for a "full and complete" investigation into how the language got into the bill, followed by "appropriate punishment" for those responsible.
"This harkens back to the days of [FBI Director] J. Edgar Hoover, when some unknown person could go and snoop on you," he said on CNN's "Late Edition With Wolf Blitzer."

Does anyone else find this disturbing? It turns out that Representative Ernest Istook, Republican of Oklahoma was responsible for this sneaky trick. Should we be concerned?

Yes, Our Freedoms are being eroded under Bush
No, this is not a Bush issue, but an overall problem with the government
I'm Very Concerned
Nah, I'm not worried about is
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Sorry this article was so long (and it wasn't even the whole thing!). I'm concerned because the above is just one of many, many examples of government intrusion into our lives. What's next!?

entered by : patch22us
Submitted on : Nov 22,2004 12:03:25 pm

very disturbing

Sorry this article was so long (and it wasn't even the whole thing!). I'm concerned because the above is just one of many, many examples of government intrusion into our lives. What's next!?
I find it disturbing also
I think even more so because this is just one example; reading different news sources, you find articles like this one all the time...put them all together and you start to get an ominous picture.
Don't forget RFID.
Most people haven't noticed yet, but one day they may wake up and realize they have very little freedom left. By then it'll be too late to reverse anything.
by zig [+]

Zig: you're exactly right. And I don't even think this is necessarily a "Republican" thing as much as it is a Bush administration thing because his administration allows and sort of fosters this environment. I don't understand how even the staunchest Republican doesn't, or can't see what is going on.
Bush is distracting us with the little issues like privacy with his left hand while he is stealing our souls with his right. If you voted for this war criminal then you should rot in hell.
Our very own David Blunkett wants to introduce compulsory ID cards for all Brits. It's a global thing.
Progressivepolitics, right on the money man! This dude gets more and more scary every day! Have you heard the latest? The Christian Right is now saying "we won the election for us, now pay up!" They are demanding that Bush push through a ban on abortion, that he crack down on gays and that he stack the supreme court with ultra-conservatives to ensure we are under the thumb for years to come!

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