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adult :
[+] ballot by aya

I do. I use a pink dildo/vibrator that lights up and spins clockwise, and counter clockwise. It cost $160, but it was well worth the money. If you use toys, please describe below.


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Please let me know if I can be of any assistance to anyone..

entered by : Bafkoof
Submitted on : Feb 01,2005 2:52:15 pm

as a male...i can say that toys are fun to add in to the mix. even that description makes me squirm. whew.

If I need a toy, I use my hand ;-) My husband is only too eager to provide a toy, but every now and then I prefer playing by myself, heheh.
Yeah, but the machine does it best!
by aya [+] this is steamy...

fun topic, aya!

No, sadly don't own any toys :(
You just cant beat a rampant rabbit lol. and I agree 100% with kukini, it really does bring lots of fun for couples. :-)
I am with Minni on this one. I LOVE my toys and mostly love them when they are used with another person. bottom draw lovers..
Please let me know if I can be of any assistance to anyone..
Hahahaha you know there was no way Bafkoof was missing out on this one.
Tads..anything for you..

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