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[+] ballot by mojo

I'm not referring to how much time you spend on these sites; I'm talking about things you have learned from them.

Here are some things I've discovered. I like a good debate, something I didn't fully realize before. I've developed and honed my sense of humor, which has made a real difference in my marriage - my husband is a riot, very sarcastic and a big brainstormer - and I didn't always appreciate that aspect of him before. I've learned that I enjoy talking to people who don't share my politics - further, that these people are often often have a lot in common with me if they open up. This place has increased my curiosity about everything, and has helped my writing skills. It has given me a sense of belonging to a community, which has always been lacking in my life because I work alone. I've discovered that many people have a core of decency, and that you miss out if you make snap judgments. I am also excited by's forums for creative writing, and I look forward to developing my skills in that area. These are just a few things.

So, how has these web sites changed you?

It has changed me (describe below).
It hasn't changed me much.
I keep trying to give my boss bad karma...
Takes attention away from school and girlfriend :(
Amusing way to kill time
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You should have no doubts about that, LCD.

entered by : mojo
Submitted on : Feb 19,2005 7:23:46 pm

It allows me an outside view of America and it's people. I get to see us through the worlds eyes and even though it's not a happy image, it's a learning experience. With learning comes understanding and tolerence. Hopefully, if only for a handful of people, we see that no matter where we were born, we all have the same wants and needs. Other countries are NOT the enemy and the people in them deserve the same rights we all want. It has shown me many different sides to politics and even if I don't agree with everything, I do find there are some very good points to both sides. It taught me to question my opinions and beliefs and to realize that nothing is black and white, exact. I love this site and what we all share together and it takes all of us to make it what it is. :) GROUP HUG!!!

It's allowed me to express myself creatively and helped me through my depression.
wow, I am so happy... :)

it's wonderful to know that the site actually meant something to someone :)
by LCD [+]

You should have no doubts about that, LCD.
It's good to see such a diverse group of people. You are forced to confront your own beliefs and sometimes defend them, or change them (only happens to those willing to use reasoning instead of rationalization). Mostly, I'll have to agree with you mojo, about the community thing. I just keep thinking like we're an anonymous circle of friends across the country and across the world. I lost a lot of friends in the Navy (not to death, but simply the way the military is constructed - so many move away) so this gives a sense of socializing I don't really have time for otherwise.

You can see a lot of hate as well, though it's comforting to know they usually post as anonymous guests! They're ashamed of their own hate! I admit I was a bit of a tit in the beginning, handing out a few negative Karmas that I regret (sorry Tads!) but she showed me grace. Karma is: you get what is coming to you. Well, I didn't get what should've come to me, so I recognized that and have been very sparing with my negative Karma (and less sensitive) ever since.

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