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[+] serious ballot by cracked_bulb

Not only in bed but in general, do you like guys that like to treat women as an equal and be kind and gentle to you, or would you like a guy that likes to show you that they are the dominant ones and tend to act a bit rough with you? This ballot is based on a little debate that was made a while ago in the squawk box.

I like Sweet and Gentle guys
I like Dominating and Rough Guys

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Girls LOVE a dominant man! Pull their hair and they will beg for more

entered by : RawIron
Submitted on : Mar 01,2005 11:58:55 pm

I prefer the gentle kind of man, I dont like to be pushed around or dominated.

I used to be a gentle kind of guy,...and all it got me was a kick in the crotch.. so now,I treat 'em like they don't matter one whit, (even tho' they do.) and they become a lot more co-operative..
Girls LOVE a dominant man! Pull their hair and they will beg for more
Girls love to be thrown around, they love a man who can pin them down and talk dirty to them while being rough! Of course i would never hurt a girl, the second she says ouch I stop. But show them who's boss and they will keep comming back
Dingleberry can I get an amen?
hahahahahaha hahahahahaha hahahahahaha *falls over laughing* at the last two comments.
You just had to do it, lol. The debate in the chatter earlier was about men being rough with women in BED. You sort of turned it around in the womans favor by asking if women like it rough in and out of the bed. Most women do NOT. I could have told you that myself.

Now, do women like being dominated in bed ie: rough sex, GENTLE slaps on their ass and love bites? Yes, from experience, most women do. It lets them know that their man has BALLS and also shows the power that their man CAN possess.

We rough dudes mean well I promise. We don't punch, no bruises and I atleast don't hurt women in or out of bed, but I do tend to show them what kind of man they have during sex. Ofcourse there's a time for passionate sensual love making, but there's also a time and sometimes a NEED for a man to show his woman what's up.

I've said it before and I feel the need to say it again...

Sometimes Ned Flanders needs to transform into the Rock for a night to show his woman that he is equil to any other man. Us guys can't slay dragons and save our ladies from burning buildings every day to show them that we can be tough but there will always be the chance to show them in the sack.

Try it guys. Grab a bit harder! Don't let your woman turn herself around for Fido style, show her those byceps you've been working on and do it yourself! She'll 'come' again in more ways than one. Or 2 ;)

O and... AMEN brotha!
dingleberry you are 100% correct!
youve just never had a REAL man minni
Yea whatever, minni. Is that really ALL you have to say about what I wrote? You just laugh? If I were as bad as you actually think, my beautiful girlfriend of 3 years wouldn't be with me. Pulling hair and slapping ass, minni.. It's called roll PLAYING. O and, being young.. WOOT!

Don't worry, one day you'll find a man with real balls and when you do, you'll thank us for all the 'triples' your new man hits you if you know what I mean.. Live a little bit and quit fuc*ing through holes in the sheets for f*cks sake.

Boys, boys ...

Here is a clue: If you think you know what women like the most ... you are wrong.

That is because different women like different things.

And the same woman may prefer different things, depending on her mood.

Anytime you think you have *the* answer, that is a clear clue that you are wrong.

The real answer is: Women are complex creatures and no simple formulaic answer is going to provide you with any magic bullet for all women, all the time.

Sweet and gentle. I thought this ballot was for WOMEN??
Hint: sweet and gentle does not equate to milquetoast. This is the 21st century, men - time to get a clue ;-)
Raw: If a man dared to do that to me I'd kick him in the nuts and send him flying in a shower of broken glass. REAL men don't have to be that way.
by zig [+]

What is a real man?
Real men are confident and self assured. They don't have to prove anything to anyone because they already know who they are. And if they love a woman they don't feel the need to dominate her because they naturally accept her equality and are comfortable with it. They definitely don't have to be mean or physically rough in order to assert themselves in or out of the bedroom. Unless (in the latter case) it's by mutual consent, in which case...fine. But to feel it's necessary to dominate and be physically aggressive in order to show who's boss? They won't last long with a real woman.
by zig [+]

If you ask me, I like a bit of both. I couldn't imagine that everytime I had sex, it was all gentle love making. Its nice now and then when you in the mood, but what about when your just horny and want your man to give you a good banging.

I like to take over too. Some guys like it when the girl gets all dominating. There is nothing wrong with it if you are both fine with it. C'mon girls, none of you have ever had your ass slapped whilst talking dirty?

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