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North Korea
None of the above, in all likelyhood.
It won't be a country
Germany...they've started every other WW
Saudi Arabia
Monaco ... It needs the funds
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How could Britian win when they couldn't beat the IRA?

entered by : RogueZealot
Submitted on : May 26,2005 9:22:07 pm

F**king Albanians. I'm on to you!

The USA will finish it.
European Union is not a country. Seriously, u hav offended me. A Anglo-American war with China-Korea will start WW2. Or Britain versus the newly formed United States of Europe. (Invade through Gibraltar, in Brussels by Christmas, Hazzah!)
I ment to say WW3 not ww2.sorry
there's no need to say "sorry" britishpatriot" once you said you're british, your SORRY-ness is automatically implied! Such a typical little limey faggot on his little rainy island! hahahahaha COCKSUCKER!...."british patriot...what an OXYMORON! same little cunt who called his queer ass english_patriot before! sissy-bitch!
captain comment ur a twat. I am not a sissy or anything like that, however, u probably r, since u randomly insult people sitting behind ur computer screen. You wouldnt dare say that to any brits face, because you would have the shit beaten out of you.arsehole.
and im not English patriot either
the usa is outta control,time to bitch slap the pricks
The Israelis have already started it - on 9-11-2001.
Hopefully None
If Bush is "reelected" America.
It will be started because the freakin' world is breaking up into camps. Bet that in the next few years Canada, the US, Mexico and all of central and South America will be one camp (ok...let's here from the Canadians on that one!), Western Europe will be another camp, Eastern Europe, once again led by Russia another, China will dominate Asia...I think we will see at least 6 or 7 "united" regions and each will have it's own currency, etc. Sound far fetched.... The EU is a reality, but will divide into East/West, the US and Canada and Mexico are already discussing North and South America unifying...I have a feeling it will become a reality before you know it. As for which camp will start it...odds on favorite is the Middle Eastern camp...and I can only imagine why!
Another dispensationalist fool has weighed in. We should all be so 'enraptured.'
We fought Iraq and ignored Iran, which will get nukes and either use them or give them to terrorists. Thus, we have the Bush Legacy.
surprise, that's exactly what's on the news today, Iran's nukes! :D
by Jyl [+]

Panama, they'll get pissed at everyone driving through there neighborhood and finally attack.
As long as the united states continues to attack other countries who have investments and contracts with china,india, russia, and other eastern block powers,we run the risk of starting ww3. The question is how many more times russia and china will sit back and watch while we continue to blow up countries that they have invested in?
Britishpatriot since when have you ever cared about offending other people with your hateful and racist comments?
My vote is america by the way. No offense to all the americans in this site I love america.

It probably won't happen. The corporations won't allow it.
well if the gae twat americans start it england will finish it
Leatheljamie do you really think England can beat the United States in a war. You said England will finish it. England is slightly smaller that Oregon. I mean really I hope you never run for some position of government in your country because you seem to be unwise. The United States is actually larger than Europe. You should think a little harder instead of running your arrogant mouth.
England will flog America in a war, because everyone else will be behind them.
I don't get the whole "nukes" thing. If a little bullshit country launches a nuclear weapon on the US or our allies, do they not think we won't retailiate? We'll turn iran into a parking lot. We'll nuke um to the stoneage and send the message clear: "you don't fuck with the eagle".
sorry but usa and europe are roughly the same size. but europe has a larger population.


how can america beat great britain when u couldnt even beat vietnam?

How could Britian win when they couldn't beat the IRA?
first of all nobody won.
we killed loads of them and put them in prison.
they could only kill civillians mainly.
secondly it wasnt even a war you fool.
it was a bunch of cowards who picked on innocent people

and if you say things like that then i can bring up the omaha bomber or the 9-11 attacks.
they are the same thing.

that was meant to be oklahomer bomber not omaha
Well, Korea and their nukes, that's getting pretty serious, no? Maybe the USA if it doesn't stop sticking its nose in everyone else's business & thinking it can save the world.
Those dumb Jamaicans and they'll all make us listen to Reggae. I'm not looking forward to WW3.

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