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[+] serious ballot by Sue

In my not-so-humble opinion, it's about time that my favorite football team's name be changed to something--ANYTHING--other than the "Redskins". That word, although very seldom heard outside this country's many football fields is a RACIAL SLUR; "Redskins" is to Native Americans as "N....r" is to blacks.

So, does anyone out there agree with me, that this is an idea whose time has been long overdue? Should the Washington ---skins change their undoubtedly racist name?

Not really sure...
Doesn't matter to me, really...
Change it to the Washington Peaceful Dandy-Lions
Change it to the Washington Scalpers
Washington Whiteboys - J/K!
How about the Washington Deadskins?
Potomac Shads
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Absolutely not

entered by : ceejjj
Submitted on : Jun 17,2005 6:15:47 pm

No, that would be PC going WAY too far.

Yeah! Let's call them the "Fighting Whiteys."
I think malckdaddy is a Native American, ask him what he thinks about it.
Absolutely not
Yes, it is a non-issue to most of you but demeaning to my people. Should we have a team called the Boston Irish Drunkards? Or any other deragotory racial or ethnic epithet I can come up with. I can come up with lots of them some might find funny but will offend many others. I don't think so.

The team should be called the Washington Lobbyists

Seeing as I live in WA, i've thought for a long time the name should be changed. What good reason is there NOT to change it?
"Should we have a team called the Boston Irish Drunkards?"

I'm part-Irish, and if a team were to be named that, I'd roar with laughter and probably root for the team just because of that.

How many of Irish heritage are offended by Notre Dame's team name and mascot? None that I know of. I'm certainly not.

Lighten up, people. It's just a name. If they scalped their opponents and used the name "Redskins" as justification, then I'd see a point. As it stands, no. Be rational.

Besides, aren't there about several thousand better things to worry about at the moment?

YES. The name is racist and insensitive.

HOWEVER: MONEY always determentines what is done. The name is a valuable $$$ trademark, and will remain.

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