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relationship :
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Men or women: Have you/would you ever intentionally avoid talking to or seeing someone you are romantically attracted to because you knew they were not available to you at the time? Perhaps because they're already in a relationship, live in a different city, are of a different faith, or whatever else.


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ive dun it b4

entered by : khleos_grrl
Submitted on : Dec 18,2003 10:59:44 pm

my boy, Shane would never do that to me. He luves me. I love him too. The love of my life.

ive dun it b4
Interesting results for this poll. Personally, I doubt I'd ever have the will power to do it, but I guess a lot of folks do. Well, I take that back. I once did have strong feelings for a girl who is my near opposite religiously. It would never work, I ultimately discovered. But I had to basically not talk to her for a year or so before I could relate to her normally. Sucks sometimes, I suppose.
it can be hard if you think they won't return the love. Sometimes the love can be so strong you don't want it to be taken away, even by the truth.
If I would pose a danger to them by being with them, I would definitley avoid them, despite the heart-wrenching consequences.
Hell yea, especially when her husband is standing right next to her.

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