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[+] ballot by Shitstreek

Black peoples DNA is closer to monkeys than white or asian DNA. Does this make Black people less human than white/asian people?

Take the question as you wish, but I don't mean to sound insulting or racist.
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LCD : on Oct 06, 2014 because Yes it is. Trayvon Martin is a nigger.

YES they are less human
NO, but they are equally human
White men are hairy = closer to monkeys
monkeys are four times stronger than man, world strongest man is white = closer to monkeys dude
If they say that white/asian people evolved from black people, then they are more evolved, so yes
Black women are so fine with their nice a$$es, and big breasts, lovely lips, they are more human.
Look at science, they always have a picture of a monkey evolving into a white man!....tis true dude
Black men are tree monkeys, white men are cave monkeys, orientals are aliens
God created man in his own image, 1st man was black, god is blak, so you're just insulted god dude
I believe that one day, white, asian, & black people will become one. and create Tiger Woods ppl

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Im a white but this is a stupid ballot

entered by : dimapoterianski
Submitted on : Jan 14,2004 11:13:21 pm

The whole world needs someone like me to rule it, then all problems would be solved,

it's racists towards whites, blacks, asians etc....which makes it "not" racist.
nobody is close to monkeys dna you idiot. Macroevolution does not exist, except for in the minds of atheist scientists. We were all created as humans. the monkeys and apes are a separate species altogether with no relation to homo erectus!
Of course you mean to sound insulting or racist. Otherwise there would be no point to your question. People like you disgust me!
Plus, you don't know your science.

that's just simple NOT TRUE. You are making up stuff to demean a group of people of different color, and that's the definition of being racist.
by LCD [+]

It is normal to resist infiltration and contamination by the aggressive and evil primitive types.. Resist evil, preserve and protect your own (only), continue to evolve into something better and higher, in spite of the backward barbaric bastards who now contaminate the world..
"Black peoples DNA is closer to monkeys..." if you show me a credible source for that information, then i MIGHT consider your point.
If white people evolved from black people...then what happened to the black people...they did not eveolve into human...blacks are not of the human race...they do not look or act like humans...closer to chips is the right way to look at it..I`m not being ravcist just a realist.balcks can not be human..just llok at them..and you will see
The "blacker' someone is the more they look like a ape. They are a primitive race of savages (blacks)
The truth is, Shitstreek, there's no more difference between "black DNA" and "white DNA", or Asian, Native American or Pacific islander, than there is between yours and your parents'. Humans are humans, and genetic differences between races are so small as to be virtually nonexistent. You are an ignorant racist buffoon.
I'm not racist, I have black friends.
you mean kinds like snoop sdog shit dog poops..and puff poof dady kind?black people are another species..they have no computers so they can not comment here..even if they had they don`t know how to use them..balcks are destroyers and whites are builders and creators..mentally black people have not eveolved intellectually..they just dance and jump and eat bannanas
name me one FUCKING black inventor or sceintist...not even one...they are monkeys living and benefiting from white folks industry
george Washington carver?
who the fuck is he sounds very white,must have been a slave.George washington..don`t know any nigggers in Africa with that mean Kinta

Its odd how a lot of them have gorilla like features. No variation in eye, or hair color and type.
I'm not racist, I have black friends.
by Shitstreek on Jan 12, 2004

If you do not realize that it is "monkies'" and not "monkeys," then perhaps YOU are the only monkey here.
black ppl look like monkeys, with the big lips and all, plus they used to live in the jungle w/ the monkeys in africa... they are still monkeys, not evolved yet
What a pitiful bunch of racist fools you all are. You should all hang your head in shame. How dare you come out with what you know to be utter lies about other people? It is sickening to think that people in the world harbour such hateful, absurd views.

And to make it even more insulting to all decent people the person who shit out this poll puts, "I don't mean to sound insulting or racist." I would rather be a gorilla or a monkey than a worm which is what Shitstreek is.

Come on, All I've done is stated a fact and that is Black people's DNA IS closer to monkeys DNA than White/ASian people. That is a fact. Then I asked a simple question. THEN I posted racist comments about my own race....more so than Black people. So, don't take it too seriously. It's just a poll.
Shi, no, it's not a fact because all humans are the same species.
That is correct, Black people and white people are the same species. Infact the genetic difference is 0.1%

BUT, Black people are the closest humans to apes. I'm not being racist here, it's just a fact. Black people were the first "man". White people and Asian people evolved from black people.

Black people's skulls are twice as thick as a white/asian skull. Arms are longer and shape of skull is closer to apes.

Deny science all you want, it's not a racist statement. It's a fact. It doesn't however IMO make black people less human. I just wanted to see people's answers to the poll.

everything Shitstreek has said can be backed up by scientific evidence
What is with some of you people? Black people are humans and are no closer to being an ape than any other race. If you believe in the theory of evolution, we all came from a common ancestor. So that means that black people, white people, black people, green people, people in general all came from the same species. People spread all over the globe and were isolated for thousands of years from other tribes, thus giving us the characteristics we have. They were all just adaptations to our surroundings and the climate. And in case you didn't know, 'white' is not a race. All of us white people are nothing but mutts bred from many different European tribes. That's why we have variations in our hair color, eye color, height, you name it. If you went back a few thousand years before humans started migrating due to advances in our culture, you'd find that people would have the same genetic characteristics in one area.
Rude Behavior
maybe so, but white men are closer related to pigs
This insults Monkeys!
where the hell did you get this info? you need to get your ass gangbanged by the entire l.a. lakers team, you stupid racist idiot!!!
Im a white but this is a stupid

yeah what Shitstreek said.
wertolita sat y sud, ryup
goomerto lis en rute!!! nultus
un BLACK ASS bui noite lon y do. wertu lotu y don men yubo. vty... ssss, ssss, le BLACK ASS trel p?-p?!

I cant beleve this question.
Firts of all, it is scientificly impossible for humans and animals to procreate. Now, some of the individuals post here contention is that Blacks are closer to apes/monkies and other animals I suppose, to believe such a thing is so ridiculous (personally, I don't believe those who made such an outlandish comment believes it, its being said for shock value, that is if you really can find any value in such a comment)and disrespectful towards those whom you direct it towards and God. Therefore, those who asserted that Blacks are closer to apes/monkies, then explain to me why Caucausian men engaged in relations with Black women during slavery when it is written in the Bible regarding humans not laying with animals...You can not have it both ways you geniuses...We all are a small part of God, there is not one portion og God inferior to another portion of himself, cut the crap and cease insulting him before your lives begin to turn for the worst if it has not already...What a terrible questions this is and the idea you (Sh_ _Streek) would end your question about not wanting to sound insulting nor racist...That statement is more unbelieveable than your ridiculous question...
Very interesting analogy Karsten regarding humans evolving from plants or we possess the same cells/genes make-up/structure and I will not attempt to dispute that point with you...Except to add this one point regarding evolution, or should I say, the theory/belief, with God, anything is possible. However, initially/begining of the life cycle of all living creation regardless of their genes/cells make-up, all living things initially? Were created by God no matter how similar each living thing genes/cells may have been and/or are presently. I am not attacking your interesting commentary, just sharing my belief regarding God's involvement in our being/existence. Now, as far as ones own physical appearance regarding race, facial features and body types, of course through one generation to the next, we all evolved and adjusted/adapted to each environment exposed. However, the idea you have individuals asserting the impossible (Blacks DNA is closer to monkeys), is another sick attempt in my estimation at shock value and/or through the vehicles of hate, stupidity, misinformation, or the true primates that never evolved or people whom have failed and failed again in life and seek to blame others by disparging/belittling them...Again, I can not add anymore to this subject matter that I already have...God is love, stop for a moment and reach out and get yourselves some of what he has to offer...
This was all decided decades ago at the Scopes Monkey Trials. Niggy Jim was the missing link just as the jury decided!
gwb puts an end to sterotyping anybody
You jackass the garden of eden was near the tigrus & euphrates river probably in todays iraq. Get a brain. Africa is where they found the first sub-humans that where ape like.
WOW seroiusly dissapointed here, this isn't that bad a question because it proves that racism is still a major problem. But still guys/girls this isn't right. We are all human beings and as such we all either A)Evolved or B)were created, either way we are equal. If some test was done it doesnt mean that things change. The test results could be done on a single black person. Or maybe its not even backed up with any numbers. To assume that this is proof as some of you seem to be doing is ludicrus. I have friends who are black asian middle eastern and idian. Im white and I have never once ever thought of them being any different then me, or capable of less. So shape up, sheesh.
Karsten, I am not disagreeing with you on the scientific angle of humans evolving from one generation to the next, not at all...I have studied Evolution as well...There certainly are very logical points made...My point of view has absolutely nothing to do with religion...In fact, religion in my estimation is nothing more than an historical effective tool used to control the masses, and continue to do so even today...With that said, all life forms were created by God, they did not happened through some chemical/biological intelligent gene, cell, chromosome, single cell organism, Big Bang Theory, and/or any other non God influence/involvement. Who do you think invented the methodology/basis of science? Man? I don't think so... All living matter known thus far to man and those not known to man is an example of God's artistic, stupendous, magnificent, majestic, and unduplicated works. Yes, I believe God used science as one of the vehicles in creating us all, whether a plant was our starting point of conception is subjective indeed...It has been expressed on this website by others that God is nothing more than a fantasy...Because his existence is not logical, tangible (as they see it), and unrealisitc...and I do appreciate/respect ones own viewpoint regarding, evolution, religion, the big bang theory, atheism, and agnosticism...However, no matter the method employed, vehicle used, date/time/location the creation of life...God is without a doubt in my mind/heart/soul, responsible for the creation of all living matter, and souls regardless of ones own ethnicity, gender, religion/politcial afiliation, good, bad, ugly...and those who pew such lies regarding race will someday be confronted with that lie and then what? Excellent presentation Kasten...
Hey Guest_ec28a? I would rather have Jesse Jackson for President than that CRACKERjack that is in the WHITEhouse presently, There is a United White College Fund, its referred to as the, Nepotism, NAAWP you say? sure there is one, its referred to as, KKK, Republican Party, White-America,and the state of Texas. White History? Lets see, the 4th of July, George Washington Birthday, April Fools Day, Halloween, Every month except for February, and cross burning ceremonies. 2-million white man march? Oh, thats referred to as the PGA, Klan meetings, 26-mile marathon, and going to the WHITEhouse to kiss george w. bush flat old pancake of a butt, and all of this isn't racist, right? NOT! Stupid, dummy, dork...Yes, stay with your own KIND! dorks, stupid, racist, sickos, dinkleberries, couchgnome, sh_ _streek, guest_ec28a,detroithatecore, and the remaining unevolved primates on this website so supports/perpetuate hate and misinformation...Later losers...God rules and no one else, especially the likes of the losers on this website...
That is correct, everyone is equal in the eyes of GOD, no matter what man thinks and how hateful man is. You go pew that scrap to God guest_ec28a and see how for you get with it...You will indeed answer to God for all the ugly names you have call his children, all the hate you have in your heart for his children, and all the ugly things you may have done against his children regardless of the ethnicity, gender, and religion of his children...Get connected or continue to be disconnected, your choice...Your A_ _!
i think the difference between black and white people is like three genes or something.
Stupidfuckingleftist- no wonder thats your name because we are not 'homo erectus' as you seem to think, we are infact homo SAPIENS you RETARD!!
Wow, you guys are fucking morons who say black people are less human. I hope I find you in the street.
WTF?? What year is this?

Good genes first became available not in Africa but in White Man's Country far to the North. Chromosomes make things shiny and bright, and real asset in chilly temporate climes.
Black DNA was seriously influenced by proximity with other tropical apes, but other races evolved significantly where the environment promoted beneficial change and improvement. It is good and progressive to emulate The Gods, but not the primitive and backward apes and other creatures of the jungle.
Intelligently planned evolution requires promotion of the better and the best, and elimination of all the inferior or destructive types that still exist in far too great numbers.

Voted : NO, but they are equally human
Voted : White men are hairy = closer to monkeys
monkeys are cool
I pity those who truly feel this way> We were made by One Creator...GOD, according to His Perfect Plan for us all! On Judgment Day, you'll see/feel the folly of your barbaric-thinking as you burn...WE KNOW WHERE! Hopefully, before then, you'll repent and learn what I've come to know & be Forgiven. Our Purpose on earth is to learn to SHOW LOVE to all mankind & care for all things on this earth. Peace be with you! In Christ's Love, (A multi-racial human being...which nationality would you suggest I deny as part of my humanness?)

no but white people DNA is close to Fuckin dolfins
i think blacks are more evolved than whites. the more evolved people get, the more peaceful they become. well, most of the wars in the world are started by, or funded by white men in suits.

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