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Adult Ballot List

[+] If it's called 69'ing then [6 votes]
[+] Other names for sperm [356 votes:pix]
[+] What do you suppose having sex with a ghost would be like? [38 votes]
[+] Necrophilia--Can you associate a face or name with this act? [15 votes]
[+] If it's possible would you have sex with an alien life form? [41 votes:pix]
[+] Have you ever had sex with someone the first day you met them? [26 votes:pix]
[+] A rabbi was on a CNN show, called "What Would Jesus Really" do? [5 votes:pix]
[+] Would you go down on someone while they are taking a dump? [189 votes]
[+] When was the last time you mastrubated? [35 votes]
[+] What do you do with the love letters [3 votes]
[+] Straight guys! Do you ever want *ahem* (naughty) [83 votes:pix]
[+] Should i have a word with this girl? [16 votes]
[+] Should this Michigan man face charges of Sodomy with a dead dog? [16 votes]
[+] Which was the first country to recognize the US? [30 votes:Quiz:answered]
[+] If Men, like Rodents, had testes which hung to their knees, how would... [13 votes:pix]
[+] Do like a baby with some "back"? Do you like BIG BUTTS? [51 votes:pix]
[+] Do you have a fetish that you HATE? [18 votes]
[+] You are caught having an affair... [16 votes]
[+] Japanese Whaling, what is your opinion? [175 votes]
[+] Men: Why not take Viagra and Ex-Lax at the same time? [9 votes]
[+] I'm Nancy "Skeletor" Pelosi. I have a vagina ..... [24 votes:pix]
[+] Signs She's Getting Bored Having Sex With You? [18 votes]
[+] Do bi or gay guys excite you? [36 votes:pix]
[+] Is Osama bin Laden alive? [89 votes]
[+] If you were stuck on a deserted island forever would you resort to... [26 votes]
[+] Plastic Surgery!!! [12 votes:pix]
[+] Men. Are you pussy whipped? [39 votes]
[+] Women. Have you ever had an orgasm? [38 votes]
[+] If you screw a anorexic person does that make you a necrophiliac? [10 votes]


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