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Private Ballots List


This area is for:

Ballots about some user of this site.

Ballots about your school, town, group of friends, etc. which would not be understood by an international audience.

Ballots that are not really ballots (asking people to vote), or about another ballot elsewhere on the site.

Each non-private ballot should be able to stand on its own. I will be using random ballots off this site on other sites I am working on, to bring more visitors into this site. Ballots about how cute/ugly someone is on this site will not be well understood by all those visitors.

[+] Goodbye Forgetmenot [54 votes]
[+] Is my friend's Weber Pot joke funny? [3 votes]
[+] How do you feel about this? [11 votes]
[+] What's happening? [7 votes]
[+] In the "Discussion" area, could we have a "Favorite Writer" section? [10 votes]
[+] can you comment, just using smilies? [2 votes]
[+] Can you guess? Which User Sent me a message... [21 votes:Quiz:answered]
[+] Hey I can't get my ram card back in my computer. Can anyone help me? [0 votes]
[+] how deep a water is Truthseeker013's standing in? [10 votes]
[+] Is Colin_B the most delightfully nutty user this site has ever seen? [4 votes]
[+] Can someone help me figure out where to find this Monty Python sketch? [2 votes]
[+] Where is Mojo? [7 votes]
[+] Should I/You make Ballots when...... [5 votes:pix]
[+] Do you like my friend's internet show? [4 votes]
[+] What has Fivenotes been up to as of late? [10 votes:Quiz:answered]
[+] Have you seen the movie: Nothing But the Truth? [6 votes]
[+] When you log off [8 votes]
[+] Greatest general complement you ever got. [4 votes]
[+] allowing guest entries [14 votes]
[+] Another Feature [7 votes]
[+] ismyhero dot com - your opinion? [7 votes]
[+] guide books you would like to see [8 votes]
[+] Why so slow, Joe? [3 votes:pix]
[+] Do The Music Videos Play On My B&W Page? [3 votes]
[+] do you get this website 100% of the time? [13 votes]
[+] Just wondering. [18 votes]
[+] Call Me Smart, Intellectual or Idiot? [5 votes]
[+] guess what kind of server was hosting this website before the transition [13 votes:Quiz:answered]
[+] Christmas Miracle 2008 [11 votes]
[+] Is it considered good internet ettiquette [17 votes]


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