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Private Ballots List


This area is for:

Ballots about some user of this site.

Ballots about your school, town, group of friends, etc. which would not be understood by an international audience.

Ballots that are not really ballots (asking people to vote), or about another ballot elsewhere on the site.

Each non-private ballot should be able to stand on its own. I will be using random ballots off this site on other sites I am working on, to bring more visitors into this site. Ballots about how cute/ugly someone is on this site will not be well understood by all those visitors.

[+] Who Makes the most Voteworthy ballots? [41 votes]
[+] Buying Tax Certificates [1 votes]
[+] Herzog, Herzog, Herzog.... [29 votes]
[+] So I'm playing a stock based video game. [4 votes:Quiz]
[+] Hey, Nineteen! [9 votes]
[+] Tadema [10 votes]
[+] Can You Guess Where I'm Gonna Go On My Birthday? [9 votes:pix:Quiz]
[+] Best Looking Bus [1 votes]
[+] guess how I lowered my cholersterol 120 points [17 votes:Quiz:answered]
[+] Best and Worst: A website for Automatrons? [22 votes]
[+] stimulating packages [9 votes]
[+] Mass ballot wipings? [6 votes]
[+] Vandwellers : by choice or by necessity? [13 votes]
[+] Do You Check Out Newest Blogs Link? [9 votes:pix]
[+] "Epic" titles for users [2 votes]
[+] when you can't win an argument... [8 votes]
[+] Has this site ever gotten anyone laid? [13 votes:pix]
[+] I recently drove through an area that was affected by 100+mph winds [10 votes:Quiz:answered]
[+] Law against internet harassment: is it really enforceable? [12 votes]
[+] Should xxxxxxxx be banned for all those inflammatory ballots? [7 votes]
[+] Did You Try To Fix The Smilies ? [8 votes:pix]
[+] anybody proficient in chinese? [9 votes]
[+] i bid you adieu [9 votes]
[+] Is there a bestandworst assassin? [12 votes]
[+] What the hell is the deal with blocking ballots? [32 votes]
[+] Background color [16 votes]
[+] No more two left feet for me no sir. or ma'am [10 votes:pix]
[+] How often am I mistaken for a homeless person? [11 votes:pix:Quiz:answered]
[+] Will Bestandworst become the next missbimbo? [11 votes]
[+] Ok WTF's going on? Where's everyone on here gone? [17 votes]


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