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[+] What Is It About The Government That Stresses People Out? [5 votes]
[+] What Are You Doing With Your Life?! [8 votes]
[+] How Can I Go To Sleep? [3 votes]
[+] Elderly Parent, Retirement Home or Home Care Nurse? [14 votes]
[+] Best Idea For an Ice Cream Flavor [8 votes]
[+] Should You Always Say Hello To The Same People You See Everyday? [12 votes]
[+] The Casey Anthony Verdict, Do You Agree With It? [29 votes]
[+] Does Sex Make Men Stupid or What? [14 votes]
[+] Captain America vs Batman /w Special Team? [6 votes]
[+] Was Congressman Anthony Weiner Treated Fairly Compared To Bill Clinton? [9 votes]
[+] Batman vs Spider-Man, The Hulk, Iron Man, X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Thor, Who Would Win? [6 votes]
[+] Hell Vengeance. Did The Judge Get What He Deserved? [0 votes]
[+] Why's Everybody So Down On Aquaman? [8 votes:pix]
[+] Best Way To Go Out Against A Street Gang? [11 votes:pix]
[+] Terminator vs Agent Smith (The Matrix) [4 votes]
[+] Guys Would You Let Your Girlfriend Give You Anal? [9 votes]
[+] Which one is hotter, Beyonce' or Britney Spears? [143 votes]
[+] Favorite Celebrity Beef? [12 votes]
[+] 7th Grade Teacher Taught About Wee-Wees? [32 votes]
[+] Do You Check the Sex Offender Registry? [23 votes]
[+] Saddam Hussein/Child Sex Offenders. If The Sentences Were Reversed? [6 votes]
[+] Which One Do You Think Has Never Tried Drugs? [31 votes:pix]
[+] What's The Best Audience For KKKramer? [19 votes]
[+] Which Public Figure Is Most Well Liked? [16 votes]
[+] Who Rocked This Song? [18 votes]
[+] What Is K-Fed? [26 votes]
[+] A New "Saw" Game [12 votes]
[+] Quote Quiz-Who Said This? [41 votes:Quiz:answered]
[+] Bush or Kerry-Who Was More Shameful? [67 votes]
[+] Who Will Most Likely Win In '08? [29 votes]

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