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[+] Which is bigger? Jimmy Carter's greatness or Israel's suckiness? [30 votes:pix]
[+] On a sliding scale, how great is Jimmy Carter? [31 votes:pix]
[+] What caused Bush to become ill and miss a G8 meeting? [15 votes:pix]
[+] Joe Lieberman supports possible military attack on Iran [19 votes:pix]
[+] Is it right that one maintainer should be the self-appointed B&W censor? [41 votes:pix]
[+] Who is more likely to be real, Jesus or the Loch Ness Monster? [22 votes:pix]
[+] Should this potential terrorist have been given a full body cavity search? [19 votes:pix]
[+] Do you think Bush would ever engage in a Muslim religious ritual? [28 votes:pix]
[+] Will Bush pardon Scooter Libby? [17 votes:pix]
[+] In 18 months, Bush's mission from God will be over. What will his finale be [19 votes:pix]
[+] Do you agree with this quote from the Statue of Liberty? [1547 votes:pix]
[+] Cheney is persuading Bush to attack Iran. Do you think he'll succeed? [17 votes:pix]
[+] Bush wants U.S. to stay in Iraq for decades [18 votes:pix]
[+] "Jerusalem" Joe Lieberman: "I see progress (in Iraq)." Troops disagree. [90 votes:pix]
[+] Is Bush losing it? [25 votes:pix]
[+] Survey: U.S. Muslims Assimilated, Opposed to Extremism [23 votes:pix]
[+] Fox News: Michael Moore's "Sicko" is "brilliant and uplifting" [29 votes:pix]
[+] Bush plans to keep U.S. troops in Iraq for decades [21 votes:pix]
[+] Dr. Laura's son linked to obscene, grotesque web page [27 votes:pix]
[+] Jimmy Carter: the Bush Administration is the worst in U.S. history [128 votes:pix]
[+] Is the new immigration bill amnesty for illegal aliens? [32 votes:pix]
[+] Bush opposes flying flag at half-staff to honor fallen U.S. troops [20 votes:pix]
[+] Bush against pay increases for U.S. troops [28 votes:pix]
[+] Will George W. Bush be vindicated by history? [28 votes:pix]
[+] How many marriages do McCain, Guiliani, and Gingrich have between them? [58 votes:pix:Quiz:answered]
[+] Did God punish Jerry Falwell for supporting the Iraq War? [17 votes:pix]
[+] Does this seem like a cruel irony? [8 votes:pix]
[+] Rightwinger Robert Novak: "There’s a lot of bad people in this admin." [11 votes:pix]
[+] Would you tell your mother that you like porn? [43 votes:pix]
[+] Name a politician and the Simpson's character they most resemble [7 votes:pix]

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