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[+] What do you think of people that went to top universities? [16 votes]
[+] Can gay guys be truly monogamous? [25 votes]
[+] When was the last time you were anally fisted? [22 votes]
[+] Is anyone else having trouble with this site right now? [2 votes]
[+] Why don't Americans understand football ('soccer')? [46 votes:pix]
[+] What is the commonest mammal species in the world? [39 votes:Quiz:answered]
[+] Why aren't westerners going to muslim countries to blow themselves up? [19 votes]
[+] Who is going to win the FIFA World Cup 2006? [34 votes]
[+] Who do you think should replace Kofi Annan? [13 votes]
[+] Are the hurricanes the beginning of the end for America? [19 votes]
[+] Does the apparent death of file sharing programs mean the end of iPODs? [6 votes]
[+] What do you think about MISS ENGLAND being a MUSLIM? [4 votes]
[+] Which US President has a statue on Parliament Square in London? [6 votes:Quiz]
[+] Why don't British racists look at the facts? [11 votes]
[+] How long will it be before the human race is eradicated by superbugs? [4 votes]
[+] Now that the UN's 30 day deadline to Sudan has passed, what should be the next step? [8 votes]
[+] (Non-Americans) Do you know who this Hillary Duff person is? [8 votes]
[+] Do you imagine GOD to be the same SKIN COLOUR as yourself? [20 votes]
[+] Are the Beijing olympics a bad idea? [8 votes]
[+] IS the whole Bush vs Clinton issue on here just Republicans trying to draw attention away from the real issue, Bush vs Kerry? [5 votes]
[+] Shops and other places with rude/funny names [2 votes]
[+] God without religion? [11 votes]
[+] Did you know that Margaret Thatcher invented soft Ice-cream? [5 votes]
[+] Do you know where Lesotho is? [5 votes]
[+] Which world leader is most likely to be INSANE? [73 votes]
[+] Why do you think there are hardly any polls about the olympics? [11 votes]
[+] If you had to give all of your money to charity, and you could only pick one, which type of charity would it be? [28 votes]

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