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134109. its not the best but not the worst either
134111. you can pay to have surgery but you will not pay a cop for patroling your street
133843. i dont date inside my race
133934. mongoloid men
133949. depends on your method of imigration
133997. why are you so evil
133967. no but i have deficated in one
134001. 999
134005. the only responsibility for cops is to lock people up, not to be a good samartin
134019. mankind is bad for the world anyway
134023. estate taxes are too low and should be raised
133940. neither. it means they dont want to get pregnant or have std
133956. the only way israel knows how to communicate is through guns
133829. no
133895. capitalist news network is more like it
133879. no american news source is fair and balanced
104261. racism is on the rise
101783. i like skinny muscular
133760. why should i kill these innocent people
133759. usa
69335. they use both economic power and military power
70538. no because democrats are very capitalist
114519. greed
133115. when have you seen anyone embrace china
117284. a green light for religious extremists to go all out
54648. terorists wear u.s. military uniforms. freedom fighters are trying to keep them out.
11909. you are free to be like everyone else, but the minute you step out of line, you will be locked up
1190. freedom to be racist
97860. right wing politicians threaten your freedom
11662. i hope all of them get phased out

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