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114235. Israel
92985. Yell: "i'm Israeli" - in Iran, Gaza, West Bank, and most of the Muslim countries.
92985. "I'm Jewish" - in Palestinian Territories (Gaza and west bank)
106700. Palestinian Territories
102241. Israel
100993. This is the most idiotic antisemitic ballot i've ever seen!!!
93951. Hey... anything is better than both Hammas and the dead (thank god) Arafat...
93951. He's a Hypocrite! nice to the Israelis in their faces, but stick knifes in their backs! TERRIBLE!
99377. You can't negotiate fair peace treaty with barbaric uneducated Muslim terrorists!
98582. Lebanon is an extremely corrupted Muslim country... can't support something like that...
100281. The extremist Palestinians will never stop fighting 'till all Israel will become Muslim land...
97123. ISRAEL - Billions of Muslims wants to take over that tiny Jewish land!
106581. There are absolutely No facts in his book! It's all lies.
72076. This is an extremely poor, superficial and pathetic ballot about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict!
72076. When you support terror and hate, this is what you get!
111229. NO, it has NOTHING to do with apartheid.
99014. Humus with Arab pee in it.
58377. The U.S need to suspend only relations with Palestinian terror government!
96504. The big problem is that no one wants the Palestinians! Not Egypt, nor Jordan...
106395. What about all the massacres of Jews by Palestinians before 1948? Arabs started the mess over there!
106395. IT NEVER HAPPENED!!! Those are lies by the Palestinian nasty propaganda!
106338. No, Muslim Palestinians view "non-muslims" as less than Human
66873. Bulgaria
66873. China
66873. Kazakhstan
66873. Syria
66873. Lebanon
66873. Jordan
99406. Wal-Mart is not a country you idiot... it's not even funny!
106581. Carter gets millions of dollars from Muslim leaders to keep his bigoted hateful views about Israel

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