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JERUSALEM (AP) -- Israel is studying Lebanon's offer to deploy some 15,000 Lebanese troops along the Israel-Lebanon border to take control of the Hezbollah stronghold, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Tuesday.

Israel has long demanded a deployment of Lebanese forces in southern Lebanon, along with the disarming of Hezbollah guerrillas. However, it appeared Israeli leaders were reluctant to embrace Lebanon's offer more strongly because of concern it might be a ploy to get Israeli troops out of south Lebanon.

Olmert suggested Tuesday that Israel would want to see the deployment of Lebanese troops along with a strong multinational force in the south.

''We are studying this proposal,'' Olmert said of the Lebanese offer.

He reiterated that Israel has no intention of reoccupying southern Lebanon. ''The faster we leave south Lebanon, the happier we will be, especially if we have achieved our goals,'' he said.

Currently, more than 10,000 Israeli soldiers are fighting several hundred Hezbollah guerrillas in the region. On Wednesday, the Israeli Security Cabinet was expected to approve an army plan for pushing even deeper into Lebanon, about 18 miles from the border north to the Litani River.

Defense Minister Amir Peretz said the military campaign would continue, and that Israel would not wait for diplomatic efforts to bear fruit. A draft U.N. Security Council resolution on a cease-fire deal was still being debated.

Arab countries have registered objections because the draft does not say specifically that Israeli troops have to leave southern Lebanon as part of a truce. Israel has said its troops will only leave once a multinational force has been deployed.

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Interesting, it could be a ploy of course.

But if it's real, then this is an impressive step forward. An arab nation willing to cooperate with Israel against terrorism, this is pretty much unheard of.

Do you think lebanon was willing to use their own troops to combat hezbollah prior to the invasion, and give you reason for why you picked your answer?

Yes, they were planning on doing this all along
No, this only came about because of the war
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Isreal should never trust them for anything
"Interesting, it could be a ploy of course."

Yes, you never know what the Israelis will get up to.

And it simply proves that if you torture someone long enough, they will say anything to get you to stop.


Cracky: You babble on and on.


IMO, the Lebanonese Army is incapable of defeating Hezbollah -- thus, whining that they failed to do so is unrealistic and indicative of no sympathies.
Voted : No, this only came about because of the war
No because Hezbollah has been incomplete control of S.Lebanon since the 80's.Also the Lebanonese government is very new and are afraid of starting a new civil war.
Cathexis- but what of the argument of Israel and Lebanon working TOGETHER against Hezbollah?
Voted : No, this only came about because of the war
I don't think Lebanon's government would have wanted to have confronted Hezbollah by themselves (if at all).
Cath: so cooperating with israel to remove hezbollah is out of the question?

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