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What do you think is the single greatest threat to mankind?

Nuclear Weapons
A plague(bird flu?)
Big Asteroid
Mankind itself
True Islam
discovery followed by lack of discretion
George W. Bush
Google PNAC 9/11 and be afraid - be very afraid.
The miliary industrial complex
Illegal Immigrants
Global warming
Mindstorm Invasion From Outer Space
the unknown
nuclear science
Me, if I had a Doomsday Button to push..
Large Hadron Collider

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Voted : Mankind itself
Definetly man itself.
I'd have to go with nuclear weapons at this point in time. With all the nuclear power going around and spreading like it is it could get dangerous. Also if anything thats what people fear most at this time with the whole north korea thing.
Greatest threat to mankind is probably nuclear weapons or an epidemic.

Greatest threat to HUMANITY would probably be political correctness at this juncture.

How about the powers capable of hoisting a smirking chimp behind the wheel of THE global steamroller.
^not unlike that ape playing with a box of matches on a petrol dump analogy.
Err...the problem with this world is that the dull are cocksure while the intelligent are forever pondering their doubt ...something like that
Voted : Nuclear Weapons
The way the world will end
Our own emotions. Hate. Greed. Those two things are destroying the world as we speak.
Voted : Nuclear Weapons
Iam total not scared of the country or people who have 10's, 100's of nuclear weapons but terfified of the person who only wants one..
Voted : Greed
Most of the other major threats we face are as a direct result of this factor.
Google PNAC 9/11 and be afraid - be very afraid.
Voted : Google PNAC 9/11 and be afraid - be very afraid.
Protect yourself immediately! Get a tinfoil hat as soon as possible. IC_ooh
....afraid of the evil people who planned and carried out 9/11 and who employ spineless traitors like Jinn the KKKafir to cover up for them on the internet for their miserable $12.50 an hour, we know about you racist scum Jinn the KKK, and we know about your tampering with the votes on here on any 9/11 ballots, you did it on my cell phone ballot but it backfired on you, then slimeball that you are you tried to blame me for it - what were you doing watching that particular ballot for the previous 90 minutes if you weren't up to no good???
MAG_rofl IC_fish
Alright traitor shill, I smoked you out of your hole, a $12.50 an hour lie prostitute - shame on you.

The most money your limited intellect would allow you to earn in your life.


Grab a brain mate. Nobody even knows what your talking about and they don't care. In fact you have no clue what you are taking about. Learn the meaning of the word "shill" you moron.

That's what you're relying on - but you sure as hell do - being one yourself, people are finding out all the time, and I intend to do my bit - you will face justice someday shill, and the minimum will be life without parole, do you know you really are playing a very dangerous game.
without man there would be no nuclear weapons so ill go with man
Voted : Mankind itself
What Dingleberry said- the sponsors of the more troubling threats which pretty much covers the entire list and IMO slightly outweigh the positives
Check out ballot 93818
Well Mankind itself includes all the answers expect astroid so looks about right. creative poll
Voted : Mindstorm Invasion From Outer Space
It will change everything, some people might say far too much..

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