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Voted : Canada
Sad that I have to say it, but this is not the country I was once so proud of. *Some* of the people, without hesitation or reservation. The peopel who *run* it? Out on a rail. A *third* one, preferably.
Voted : Canada
During my visits to Canada, I always thought it a great place to live. People seem more friendly, compassionate, helpful, and sane than Americans. England? Well, in England it depends on where you live. Lots of variation in England, and I suppose this is true of America as well. If you live in my state, Wyoming, it is sparsely populated (lowest in the union), laid back, and just country. I love it here, but if I had to move, Canada would be my first choice.
Voted : America
We actually have good weather.
Voted : Canada
America would be in a clear last place here.

Far too many *shitty* parochial jingoists (see above for a prime example).

Voted : America

Voted : America
but it is not by a big margin.

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