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[+] serious ballot by LCD

Freedom of Speech,
Freedom of travel (without being harassed)
Freedom from rabid nationalism,
Freedom from prejudices based on skin color/religion,
Freedom to make a living without too much government interferences,

and consequently with happy content populous.

choose one, the winner gets to have me as its citizen.
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LCD : on Apr 05, 2014 because .

United States of America
Costa Rica
South Korea
The Netherlands

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Voted : Canada
THough I'll accept any country north of there as an alternative...
if an american citizen marry someone of another country to become citizen of that country, can the spouse also apply for american citizenship on the basis of that marriage, both becoming a dual citizen of both states?
by LCD [+]

Voted : United States of America
I may be the only one here to choose USA. But, then, I have not been to Australia or Iceland. Where I have traveled, I did experience skin-color prejudice as well as a general dislike of "foreigners'. (My accent is not American, but I am working on that.)
^Interesting to know that America is more enlightened than some places you've traveled.
I think there are a number of cities in the US where there are a wide variety of races, religions, etc., where people get along. Places like New York City, San Francisco, Seattle and many others. Some good countries in Europe as well, but some are very homogeneous racially and others are experiencing some problems with the issues you named. Netherlands, Denmark, France. UK is probably good, especially London. I think Germany is a good place these days, very free and very tolerant. I loved the time I spent studying there.
Israel is a pretty laid back and modern country, they have amazing human-rights laws and values, they are known to fight against corruption and also have one of the best freedom of speech and democracy in the world!
They are a very mixed society, having European Jews and Eastern Jews of all kinds of colors, and they still very peacful and respectful of others... including Homosexuality which is totally accepted by law there, and their people are extremely educated, friendly and happy in general! if you take the risk of the Muslim terrorism against them, i would say that Israel is almost perfect!

Voted : Canada
I would think Canada...we only have two of those...
By we, I mean the USA...
Voted : Sweden
id say the usa is probably the worst of this list. theyre the most fascist, and authoritarian. i think others could too if they had the money to do it. europeans care more about rights than americans. americans have been controled for so long that they wouldnt know what to do with freedom if it was given to them.
Voted : Iran
We all are free!!!

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