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[+] serious ballot by forgetmenot

I got DSL and it seems to lose connection all the time. Does anybody else with DSL have this problem? Do you have cable for your Internet and is it better?

Cable is better.
DSL is better.
Dial up is better.
I haven't noticed any difference between cable and DSL
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This decision should be made on one's needs. Cable is fastest, DSL is fast enough unless you are highly impatient or frequently need to download big files. Dialup works if you are an infrequent user of the internet. DSL should not lose connectivity. After all with DSL you have a "Dedicated Subscriber Line." This means there should be no way of losing your connection. If you are, the problem is almost certainly on your end -- your connection settings, firewall, or modem.
Whenever it does down, we call the Embarq hotline and they always say DSL is experiencing problems.
Voted : Cable is better.
I've always heard that DSL tends to have more technical problems. I have cable modem, and it isn't perfect, but, by and large, I'm very satisfied.
Voted : Cable is better.
I started out with DSL and ferverently wanted to prefer DSL. But ... I have had fewer problems with cable.
Voted : DSL is better.

My DSL never loses connection and I live in the 'boondocks'.

Voted : DSL is better.
Unless you have BellSouth as an ISP, in which case you're better off with signal fires or drum relays.
Hmm...very interestring--all of your comments. Thank you all.
Voted : Cable is better.
I wish I had cable, everytime I check into hotels with cable internet.

33k connection sucks :(
by LCD [+]

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