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[+] ballot by RobinGaylord

And if so, where?

I'm a man. Yes.
I'm a man. No.
I'm a woman. Yes.
I'm a woman. No.

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Voted : I'm a man. No.
No. Want some? IC_smooches
Just on my user page.
Voted : I'm a woman. No.
there better not be!
Voted : I'm a man. No.
Only two of me are extant, both when I was young. Nude? There are laws protecting common decency.
Beelz, only if you want a broken webcam as a result...
cranky, that's you? Thought for sure it was Johnny Wadd...
Voted : I'm a man. No.
You should be so lucky.
unless you want the whole web to crash you won't put any...
Voted : I'm a man. No.
At least I hope not...

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