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[+] ballot by Gizzmo

This is for ballot 7674...Us ladies have crushes too, ya know! Let's make this a popular ballot!
Quite simply: Who is the hottest male bi-otch(Dead or Alive) to ever walk this god's green earth?! I'll add a few for starters.....Add your favorite peice of man!! Don't be shy!!!
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LCD : on Oct 06, 2014 because It was created by a nigger.

Johnny Depp
George Clooney
Brad Pitt
Clarke Gable
Josh Holloway(Lost)
Jim Morrison
Guido (Guy) Fawkes
Johnny Storm
colin farell
Hugh Jackman
Kurt Russell
Elijah wood
orlando bloom
Zac Efron
Tom Cruise
chester bennington
josh hartnett
shawn michaels
Yo daddy
oliver james
Jake Gyllenhaal
Nick Lachey
Chris Carmack
Jesse McCartney
John Denver
keanu reeves
Billy Joe
jappy von hooterburg
Antonio Sabato Jr
Richard Greico
Mathew McCanoughey (sp?)
Tyson Ritter
Alejandro Fernandez
Jon BonJovi
Larry from Threes Company
Cody Linely
Alan Jackson
"Weird Al" Yankovic
Pierre Bouvier
David Desrosiers
Tommy Lee
gerard way
Don Sieburg Jr.
Ben Evans
Taylor Kitsch
chad michael murray
Camilla rumph
Brian Deegan
Riccardo Scamarcio
channing tateum
Jared Leto
richard Gere
Rodrigo Girau Diaz
micheal jackson
ryan babrera
andrew morrison
James bourne
Frank Iero
Mike Metzger, Godfather of freestyle Moto X
Pete Wentz!!!
chris trousdale
John Stamos
Mario Lopez
Dion Knelsen
David J Pitts
ryan reynolds
Tobey Macguire
metal mulisha
Bruce Willis
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Zachery Ty Bryan
A.J. McLean
corbin blue
Calvin Goldspink
patrick mcmahon
ryan sheckler
Daniel Radcliff
david bridenze
Shawn Pyfrom
Simon Cowell
Isaiah Medina
Matt Meyer
rick schroeder
bam margera
Josh Murphy (Unsuspend Tucky!!!)
Jude Law
David Lempka
salman khan
Chris Evans (Fantastic Four)
BEN BROWDER (SG-1, Farscape)
james franco
Heath Ledger
Tyson Beckford
Kix Brooks
ashton kutcher
Milo Ventimiglia.
Mark Harmon
ben affleck
jesse metcalf
Alain Delon
Viggo Mortensen
Brian peppers
johhny k mckenzie dallas tx
My Boyfriend
skandar keynes
Harvey Fierstein
dean geyer
John Krasinski
shia lebouf
William Shatner
Nick Jonas
Leonardo DiCaprio
Billy Ray Cyrus
Michael Johns from American Idol
the rock
Robert Hoffman
james marsden
Raphael Nadal
criss angel
Chace Crawford
joe jonas nick jonas
michael jackson
Danny rams
Andrew Gonzales
Trace Adkins
Joe Lieberman
Kevin Zegers
Frank sinatra
Jonathan Taylor Thomas
jesse metcalfe
ryan shecklor
critiano ronaldo
robert pattinson
Adrien Brody
bill klautz
Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Brendon Urie
Miguel Cruz
Micheal C Hall
Brian Ferguson
Justin Timberlake
David Archuletta
jack nicholson
Hritik Roshan
luke benward .
Evan Ross
Grant Wilson ( Ghost Hunters)
Jeff Goldblum
Oliver Sykes
Alex Gaskarth
Austin Butler
Yamashita Tomohisa
Max Thieriot
Homer Simpson
Glenn Beck
A man walking in Death Valley at noon in the summertime in the bright sun
Al Gore
james maslow
Who knows?
Ieeee lol
Robert Redford!
Bill Clinton
John Edwards
Larry Linkogle

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Voted : Guido (Guy) Fawkes
... the last man to enter parliament with good intentions.
Voted : Johnny Depp
Johnny is so hot! whether he played as Edward scissor's hand or Captain Jack Sparrow
I think women consider confidence to be the "hot" aspect of a man.
My husband is the hottest, next to him, Brad Pitt
Voted : Jon BonJovi
Wife sez he's waaaay cool.
It's between him and Johnny Depp!

"Fancy NOT having Jon BonJovi on the list!", she sez...
(She just stormed off in a huff!)

Voted : Larry from Threes Company

Weird Al!

more Alan Jackson *drool*

Weird effin Al

He's funny, and he's just hot.

Oh mah goodness, Pierre Charles Bouvier of Simple Plan...

Zack Efron And Ashley Tisdale..err, yep.

mm hmmm

Pierre Charles Bouvier is HAWT...

Don't care for that atkins guy. Ummm, more of pierre would be nice! *winks at Dani*

Voted : Brian Deegan
FMX gold medalist

Voted : Mike Metzger, Godfather of freestyle Moto X

Voted : John Stamos
Actually it's Alan Jackson, not Trace Adkins. Not Mr. HonkyTonk Badonkadonk, lol.

John Stamos, yeah pretty hot

Voted : metal mulisha
Most of the bad boys of Freestyle moto X

Wanted to leave a picture of Michael Johns from American idol because he is the hottest man I have ever seen...but the website won't let me. Added him to the list...the man is smokin'!
Voted : shia lebouf
Shia!!! definitly!! he is sooo frekin sexy!!
Are you white girls frothing at the crotch yet?

Voted : Tyson Beckford
Tyson Beckford. No need to say anything else!!
Lol weird al

Robert Redford! Blue Eyes!

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