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We all know white men can't jump. So how come black men can, and jump so high?

They Scare Easily
So They Can Pick Fruit
they dont
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Grapost is a provocateur.
There's a greater genetic predisposition amomg some of the African populations(read from mostly western African populations) for performance in these fields.Most black slaves sent to the Americas were of these populations.
I just dropped in to ignore this ballot...
I'm ignoring this ballot too.
You guys are all chicken!

Racist KKK... go burn some crosses and put your pointy white hood back on before you hang your next black victim!

Why did the racist KKK have to wear hoods to conceal their faces? Because they were ashamed of what they were doing, and didn't want to be caught committing crimes and acts of genocide and torture.

They know they do stupid things and are too ashamed of showing their faces.

So why can black men jump so high?

Perhaps because they are physically stronger and have more "fast twitch" explosive muscle fibres than white men?

Why did the whites have to kidnap them from Africa in the first place, then force them to work for nothing as slaves, to plant and harvest rice and cotton, which made the USA the richest nation on the planet, over the past 200 years?

Perhaps they genetically inherited the "Scare Easily" gene, and jump high because their fore-fathers were being whipped and beaten so hard by your evil, cruel white slave-master forefathers!

I think, deep down, you like to be cruel and you wish you were a slave master, Grapost. You like to torture and kill and oppress, like a tyrannical dictator... and you probably don't mind the idea of kidnapping people from their home countries and forcing them to do all your physical hard work on farms...

"Perhaps because they are physically stronger and have more "fast twitch" explosive muscle fibres than white men?"

The first part of that comment is rubbish. Look at the worlds storngest men, they have always been white (and normally scandanavian or Eastern European).

The second part may be true. To the best of my knowldge, black people tend to have more "fast twitch" muscles, and whites have more "slow twitch", making black people beetter at quick bursts of power (100m sprint, jumping etc), and white people greater endurance.

Black cat

Well now, that was silly wasnt it? If you have just admitted that black people have genetic differences in terms of muscle make up etc, then you must surely admit that they may consistently underperform on IQ tests because they are genetically less clever, yes?

Or let me guess, thats different, right?

Can people just agree that some African populations are better equipped at jumping and sprinting without the whole thing becoming so personal?
first of all, if you have ever read a history book, you would know that the first members of the KKK DID NOT wear masks. The reason? Blacks were superstitious in the 19th century. When whites wanted to stay in power in their communities, they dressed in all white garb and showed themselves to the blacks. By not wearing a mask, the whites represented (to the blacks) ghosts of people in the community. That way, when blacks went to vote, they would recognize each member of the KKK, and do whatever the whites wanted the blacks to do, simply to avoid increased harassment.
Secondly, captured Africans were often-time done in by members of a rival tribe. Slave owners paid West Indies slave traders to get them slaves. The W.I. slave traders, in turn, negotiated with tribes in Africa. They bartered guns and materialistic goods for captured blacks. IMO, the main problem of slavery was the greedy black African tribes who wanted to be #1.
Thirdly, John Calhoun, a leading Southern slaveowner in the 19th century, argued that slaves were better treated than free blacks. The slaves were given food, water, medical treatment, and shelter. The free blacks in the south were discriminated HEAVILY against, had to compete for piss-ass jobs, and had very little money.

You have blown a simple question completely out of the water, and need to shut the fuck up if you do not know what you are talking about.

Grapost, the reason for black's ability to jump higher because of genetics. Kenyans have long thin legs that are perfect for running, and most Negroids have muscle mass that is naturally more than that of Caucasoids. In short, blacks were "born athletes."

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