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[+] serious ballot by Barbara_Baby_Cakes

A Nobel Peace Prize winner, Carter has monitored international elections and built housing across the United States and across the world.

He continues to work for peace and writes about one of the world's most troubled spots in his book "Palestine Peace Not Apartheid." Carter, who brokered the peace between Israel and Egypt in 1978, has a unique perspective on the situation in the Middle East.

The title of the book has angered many Israel sympathizers because of the use of the word "apartheid," the South African system once used to disenfranchise and oppress the black majority and empower the country's white minority.

"It's based on a minority of Israelis occupying, confiscating and colonizing land that belongs to the Palestinians," Carter told The Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith. "When Israel does occupy this territory deep within the West Bank and connects 200 or so settlements (to) each other with a road and prohibits the Palestinians from using that road, in many cases even crossing the road this perpetrates even worse instances of apartheid than we witnessed in South Africa."

Is President Carter correct when he applies the "apartheid," context to the Palestinian and Israel conflict? Yes/No, why or why not?

He's an anti-Semite
He's pro human
Carter gets millions of dollars from Muslim leaders to keep his bigoted hateful views about Israel
Yes, Carter was absolutely correct...
There are absolutely No facts in his book! It's all lies.
the word 'the' can be found in his books but hardly any facts.
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I have a whole lot of respect for Jimmy Carter.

The highest educated US president ever, he connected the dots together that were so obvious, but were overlooked by our government and the media.

"When Israel does occupy this territory deep within the West Bank and connects 200 or so settlements (to) each other with a road and prohibits the Palestinians from using that road, in many cases even crossing the road this perpetrates even worse instances of apartheid than we witnessed in South Africa."

if that sentences were printed on a T-shirt, I would buy them and hand it out for xmas present this year.

good for him. A must read.
by LCD [+]

Voted : Yes
Palestinians in Israel certainly seems to be considered lower-class citizens within the country, semi-segregated from the Jewish populace.
I respect Jimmy Carter. It would be better if Palestinians were treated better, and if they treated Israelis better. I don't know if anyone knows who started the problems, and I'm not sure if more blame-casting will make things better or worse.
Voted : Yes
Carter is absolutely right. And, of course, the usual suspects are howling that he's being anti-Semitic.
Voted : Haven't yet read the book
In ballot #106589, you question much of recorded history. Yet, you are totally and blindly accepting President Carter's new book.
This is my comment found in ballot#106589: "We all deserve to be told the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help us all, our history and future...Most importantly, no one should be penalized for giving their opinion about a subject matter (no matter how insulting, disgusting, obnoxious and misinformed that person may be)when we disagree and/or are insulted."
by Barbara_Baby_Cakes on Sat Dec 09, 06 10:48am

How did you interpreted my questioning much of recorded history from my comment? However, I do have the right to question any history recorded or not...

Where in my comment above do I as you stated: "Yet, you are totally and blindly accepting President Carter's new book."

I asked the following question: "Is President Carter correct when he applies the "apartheid," context to the Palestinian and Israel conflict? Yes/No, why or why not?" *sigh*

Voted : Yes
Carter is correct in his comparison Guest whether you agree or not...

"It is a horrible insult to the black African people in South-Africa!" - Guest

If that is the least that those Black Africans you so care about endure (minus what they are presently enduring)then I would venture to say that they would welcome it.

You and people like yourself who continue to press your lips against the arses of the Zionist Murderers can not see the damage they employ against innocent men, women and child because of your myopic view of the situation and the the view while kissing their arses...

There is enough blame to go around, I don't deny that, the radical Muslims are killing innocent men, women and children are just as guilty. However, the difference between them and Israel is that, Israel engages in mass killings and claim that half were accidential and the other justified (self-defense). The radical Muslims will kill believing that Allah ordained the killings in self defense and will continue to kill everyone who goes against the principles of Islam (with the Radicals you see what you get, Israel will throw many bombs, killing innocent people and claim it was all a mistake and/or in self defense, never taking responsibility for what is the obvious).

Yes, people should be able to defend themselves (the first law of nature is self perservation) and both sides have been killing each other for 100s of years with the Muslim countries being destroyed in astronomical numbers, placing millions of people into poverty and despair, recreating an Apartheid like condition.

Definition of Apartheid: any system or practice that separates people (from their land) according to race (Muslim), religion (Islam), political, legal, and economic discrimination against non-whites (jews in this case).

You may believe that Israel is completely without sin in this matter (which is your choice to do so)however, in this case like all others, there was an action by one of the combatant, cauaing a reaction from the second combant and I after weighing both sides, concluded that, Israel caused those Muslims who at one time were not, to respond/react as radicals...

After systemically being slapped down with great regularity, having your land stolen from you, being treated like subhuman beings and being denied national and international respect and dignity because of the lies and depiction told by Israel, one would venture to summarize that a person reaches their breaking point...and no one can forecast how one will react.

Carter is a great Humanitarian no matter what lies and falsehoods his enemies speaks of him...

Voted : No
Obviously he is incorrect. Arabs can live in Israel as equal citizens, vote, run for office, and enjoy all the rights that jewish Israelis enjoy. The ones that are marginalized are the ones who refuse to integrate in to society.
Voted : Yes
Well now, you have loosen your lip grip on the arse of the Zionist killing machine long enough to address my ballot, a ballot that was created some time ago, you aren't stalking me now, are you Herzog?

Your transparency is quite interesting...Your myopic view of the world, social science and race is well documented in many of your ballots and commentaries, *sigh*...

You should possess an ounce of character that Carter possesses,you would make for a better human being...

Now, please try to refrain from stalking me, visiting my old ballots and visiting those ballots I have left comments...


Voted : Yes
I dare disagree with you and Herzog and I sound like a 5 year old lil girl?

You sound like Herzog lil butt BOY...Coming to defend her honor...

I disagree with you and her, as it is my right to do so, how about that?

Now, move along Guest and I dare you to take the time to create a REAL username and step up to the plate username to username, until then, get a life, a glue and get out of my cyberface with your girly ways...

Correction: "a *clue*..."
"You sound like Herzog lil butt BOY"

That sounds more than a little homophobic, bbc. Perhaps you can explain.

yes, please do explain barbara_baby. butt boy? i'm interested to hear your reasons for using the term "butt boy." lets hear it. and who is this "her" you're referring to?
I don't have to explain a thing to any of ya, do the math, you know exactly what I am referring too. Now, call me what you will, your BOY is still a racist lil butt BOY...Got it? Good...
OK, BBC... you use pejorative terms in reference to kev24 and his sexuality. That certainly makes it seem to me like you have some issues with homosexuals. Odd, at the same time you call another user a racist.
I do not have an issue with homosexuality FFLSD, you and Kev24 may assume anything regarding my comments as it is your right to do so...

Now, present any comment I made aimed at him regarding his sexuality, present just ONE

p.s. and your undying support for a known racist on this site has gotten quite sickening FFLSD and you have the audacity to accuse me of being insensitive regarding Kev24, I couldn't care less what he does and who he does it with, typical for a racist supporter to accuse others of being hateful as well
BBC, kev24 is not the only gay person on this site. I take exception to your remarks. I find them offensive to myself just as kev24 did. I don't take the term "butt boy" as being anything other than a homophobic slur. You are entitled to your views on herzog and others but perhaps you might want to think how others will perceive terms like "butt boy" before you use them. I'm quite sure kev24 agrees with me. We both took your comments in exactly the same way.
i don't know what this has to do with me? i don't think bbc called me butt boy, unless i'm missing something?

i take issue with somone so quick to call another person a racist and in the same breath, is using language that is derogotory to gay people. face it bbc -- referring to a male as "she" or "her" like you do with herzog in this ballot is pretty rude, but using language like "butt boy," which is a known insult to gay men, while at the same time calling herzog a racist, is pretty hypocritical.

but as for the other commnets, i don't think bbc was referring to me at all -- i have no idea who the guest user was and assumed bbc was directing the butt boy comment to him.

Voted : Yes, Carter was absolutely correct...
Thats your right to take issue with it Kev24 as it is my right to sound off when I smell a Racist in the room...Herzog is a RACIST, bottom line, his comments may not impact YOU directly, however, there are those who find his comments insulting, disgusting and RACIST.

I find it quite interesting that some of the users on this site can over look his vile and racist comments against a group of people, however, when a comment is made regarding the filthy acts of Israel, you have people like FFLSD having a fricken cow and I am here to tell him and all the Zionist arse kissers, the Jews aren't any better than any other group on this planet, so, kiss on, and continue to keep the company of chapstick in business...

FYI Kev24, your RACIST buddy started the "he" & "she" references, now, how do you feel about your RACIST BUTT boy now? Yep, I used the BUTT BOY reference again, now, when you cease supporting a RACIST, I will cease using the BUTT BOY reference. You are the hypocrite in this matter, I don't support hate, you DO, until someone dare make a comment about gays that you believe to be homophobic...You have decided to dismiss Herzog's RACIST comments, I have decided to dismiss and walk pass any Homophobic comments made on this site...Enjoy.
BBC, I hate to give you a news flash but Muslims are not a race. At least not the last time I checked. There are Asian, white and black Muslims. Racism is what I experience being of mixed race. Racism is how people treat me because I look different or how people stereotype Native Americans. Alcoholics, savages, nasty stereotypes used as sports mascots, that I live in a tee pee and run around with a headdress on. etc. Or just plain discrimination because I look like a Native American (which I am). The appropriation and misuse of "racist" in regards to Muslims demeans and belittles REAL racism. That which I personally experience and blacks in the US, etc experience almost daily. I really doubt that you have ever experienced this type of REAL racism. Racism is discrimination or prejudice towards people based on their race, ethnicity or presumed race or ethnicity.

Being anti-Islam or anti-Muslim is like being anti-Christianity or anti-Christian or being anti-atheism or anti-atheist. It might be bigoted or indicative of stereotyping and bigotry, but it is NOT racism. The appropriate terms would be "Islamaphobe" "Christophobe", bigot, etc. The misuse of the term "racist" is no different than calling everyone you oppose "Hitler" or a "Nazi". For example, "Soup Nazi" detracts real meaning from the viciousness of the Nazi regime. Use of the term "apartheid" is also a misuse of that term. A thorough examination of the South African apartheid regime would make that clear. Carter's abuse of this term draws attention to his book but it also lessens any credibility he has. Having negotiated a peace agreement between Israel and Egypt gives him some credibility. Playing loose with terminology does not.

I find your response to kev24 rather interesting. Apparently because you believe that kev24 supports herzog that this somehow gives you the right to you offensive and demeaning terms towards him and myself. I've experienced REAL discrimination, but this does not give me the right to use hateful, bigoted or racist terms towards "whitey". This despite the fact of what European settlers did to my ancestors - slaughter them by the millions. Perhaps you should contemplate this.

A couple of other comments:
1. I do not recall saying Jews are any better than anyone else.
2. I do not engage in anilingus. Perhaps you could explain to everyone what this is and also what techniques to use. I'm sure most people (myself included) have no real knowledge/experience of "ass-kissing".

Voted : Yes
I never said that Muslims are a race as you put it oh knowingly nothing, you know I could not allow you the last word on this matter LSD
Why is he so afraid to call the country by its correct name - Israel ?

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