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[+] serious ballot by nuckinfutz

I seem to make a good impression on people for the first couple of months or so that I know them, then without warning I scare them away, and they suddenly leave without a word, as if they're shocked and they just found out something horrible. They never tell me why, it's like they're afraid to talk to me for some reason, like they're really scared of me or something. This just happened for the umpteenth time to me the other day.

Well, rumor has it that you're an ax murderer.
Well, rumor has it that you're a pedophile.
Maybe they ran out of things to say to you?
I like you nuck!! Just keep being yourself :)
Bellend is too big and scary : )
That's happened to me before too, who knows?
Maybe you smell really bad!
At first, great intelligence is welcomed, but then it becomes a threat.
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I really need to know this. I want to get to the bottom of this so bad.
It's the way you look. As I said before, you look alot like me( plus 20 lbs.). The same thing happens to me. Our shockingly , striking good looks make men feel threatened and women feel intimidated. Get used to it, friend, 'cause it ain't gonna change.
Maybe it's because they find out you're really fuckin nutz better laugh at that Nuck, I'm only joking.
To quote the famous man, "Ya tells it like it is." There are those who can't cope with that.
??? maybe they are too NORMAL... hey dude, take a walk on the wild side
^ Hey it is kinda fun, typing in random smilies in a ballot

^ that was smile "69" hehe.
Maybe I should just give up and be a hermit.
Its either bad luck or its the FACT tht you are worried about why people are exhibiting this sort of behaviour, that causes a self fulfilling prophecy of sorts.

If you sre worried about this happening, maybe this makes you change your behaviour towards the person subconsciously?

Nobody here could give you a decent answer nuck, I think you know where you will find the answer...look deep within your past, there you will find Fleebglorb the magnificent.. the all knowing midget horse monkey prophet of Shallgrabbagistan.
As I recall you're an INFP and they constitute ~ %1-2 of the population.You're also "ADD" and they constitute ~ %5 of the population in the US.To compound the issue you're also likely within the top %5 IQ-wise which lowers your comradery potential index even lower,,,yikes.
It's gonna be hard finding people that you can *really* connect with.You may feel that you really connect with certain people but I'd venture a guess that you're likely appreciating them more than they appreciate you because your way of thinking and your outlook is simply deeper.Perhaps they can't match your enthusiam with the interests you deem important and interesting.
Keep plugging away,they're out there.

I'm telling you it's Fleebglorb.
Voted : Comment
Try not to take everything too seriously...If you are happy with yourself, others will be some will be jealous...sometimes we all feel that way...people in general seem to have changed from the way they were when I was younger...not better or worse, but different...
Try to get away from the problem for awhile. Worrying about it probably makes it worse. You could be trying too hard.
At least, I don't think you're an axe murderer.
I really appreciate the honesty so far.
Did anybody happen to mention that ur a selfish c*cksucker?
Just kidding,sometimes a body gets the urge to step out of character
Voted : Comment
Ever hear the adage *Familiarity breeds contempt*. never let 'em get to close up and personal.
^Keep yourself an enigma and mysterious. They'll be intrigued and keep around trying to figure you out.
Voted : I like you nuck!! Just keep being yourself :)
What is INFP? In Need of ForePlay? Cant't help you there. Foreplay for me is when my wife stops bitching for more than 7 minutes. Seriously, I have a stopwatch. We like ya Nuck. Keep on keepin on.
My guess is they ran out of things to say? I agree that you're a friendly person nuck. And to get into the personality type stuff which I like to do, you're a Libra and they are they are nice to everyone, friendly and charming, but they tend to want approval from others.
Voted : Bellend is too big and scary : )
Some people cant handle your 'nuck sized' bellend. Its abnormally large and theyre scared of that.
You need to find people that have more in common with you. I'm the type of person that doesn't like to keep constant contact with people on a day-to-day basis.
"Maybe you smell really bad"

uh NO, that's not the problem. Asshole.

One of the many questionable things that have been approved lately.
Voted : At first, great intelligence is welcomed, but then it becomes a threat.
I have come to realize that most people are not interested in what intensely intelligent people are interested in and what they like to talk about. At first, intelligent people are seen as novelties. Eventually, intensely intelligent people become tiring to people of average intellect and the novelty wears off. Be grateful that your intelligence sifts off people who would, in time, drag you down.

I am not psychic in the purest sense of the word, but I have a feeling you have either very dark or very piercing eyes. When intelligent people look at ordinary people, it can be like they are looking right through them, and this can put people off.

Maybe some of them were just fair-weather friends. If that's the case, then they were never friends at all.
honestly? too much drama.
by LCD [+]

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