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Even if you don't believe in Jesus, how can you not respect the man for what his life and death was about?
Give a shout-out to the Birthday boy!

Happy Birthday Jesus
jesus was a lie devised by the bronze age con-artists to control the masses.
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Voted : Happy Birthday Jesus
Whenever you were actually born.
Voted : jesus was a lie devised by the bronze age con-artists to control the masses.
Although I still secularly celebrate your alleged holiday as my modern little version of Saturnalia...
and may you have many more!
Voted : Comment below
Most historians agree that this wasn't really Christ's birhtdate, that He was most likely born at the end of the Roman census period, most likely in March or April. But I'll let them slide on it. It's not as if they'll rewrite the history books, just because of the truth...
but the truth..... will we ever know????

lol - happy holidays everyone!

Happy Saturnalia, everyone !!

Who's this Jesus fella?

Voted : Happy Birthday Jesus
(even though your birthday was a totally different month and all, we just need an excuse to be nice to each other a few days)
by Jyl [+]

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