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"The horrific carnage that prefaced the story of the "Amityville Horror" began one dark fall night in November 1974. The DeFeo family, Ronald Sr. and Louise, their two young sons, Mark and John, and two daughters, Dawn and Allison, were sleeping peacefully in their comfortable, three-story, Dutch Colonial home in Amityville. The silence of the house was shattered when Ronald DeFeo, nicknamed "Butch", murdered his parents and his siblings with a high-powered rifle. One by one, he killed each of them as they slept, beginning a tale of terror that has endured for three decades."

So we know that this much is true. But what happened to George and Kathy Lutz after they moved into the house? What is Horror or a Hoax?

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You can read more about the story here:

Voted : Hoax
A hoax all the way. I know the people who lived across the street from the house during that time. The lady tells me there was an uneven water table and that EVERYTHING that happened to the house shown in the movie happened to all the houses in the neigborhood. She said the killings took place but the weird house stuff had nothing to do with it--it happened to all the houses there.
The crime part must have happened many times with different names.
Voted : Hoax
I have serious doubts. Besides, the movie didn't even spook me.

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