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In the years following 911, we have been stripped, searched, stripsearched, photographed, X-rayed, we have been eavesdroped on in public and on the phone, had our telephone calls intercepted and scrutinized, now we will have our mail opened...what's next ? Where will it end ? Are they watching the "enemies" this close ?

Surveilance cameras in the workplace
Surveilance cameras in our homes
Surveilance cameras in our cars
Cameras in our bedrooms
GPS chips in our butts
Home detention bracelets
Barbed wire fences
Bar code tattoos
Cameras in our bathrooms
We are now living in a communist country....
It won't end
We will lose more as technology allows
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Voted : Surveilance cameras in the workplace
Surveilance cameras in the workplace isn't too far-fetched. One restaurant got in trouble for having a hidden camera in an area where employees changed clothes.
Scutinize Arabs and Muslims only.
If Bush and his fascists have their way, there won't be an end to it.
I think they had strip searches and x-rays prior to 911.
Voted : Cameras in our bathrooms

I've just been reading about the times of Joseph McCarthy and the HUAC, and believe me, it was horribly familiar. People weren't hauled off and put into prison in tropical places, but there were a lot of ruined lives nonetheless.

Herzog, I wish we had listened to all the available intelligence prior to 9-11. I also wish that, even to this day, we had competent people working at airport checkpoints in the U.S.

In the past airport security didn't concentrate on your Grandma and Al Gore...

Once again, herzog distorts the truth in a lame attempt to justify the naziesque behavior of his kind.
They are also looking at your banking records and doing credit checks...if they want to ...
Voted : Cameras in our bathrooms
^ What mojo said.
Voted : Surveilance cameras in our cars
Already have the initial technology established in GPS.
Mojo: how is it similiar to the McCarthy era? Can you name one person called before special congressional hearing to denounce terrorism, who was then jailed for failing to do so?
Voted : We are now living in a communist country....
Amen to that Cranky, distortion is one of his manhy middle names, we all know what the others are...

As long as the prince of Satan continues to sit in the Oval Office, we will continue to live in a communist country, America no longer exist, it ceased to exit 6 years ago...

Voted : We will lose more as technology allows
Hey, they caught some guy who flunked out of flight school.

You nailed it on the head, BBC.
So no takers? No one can find a single factual account of today being like the McCarthy era?


Our mail's being opened now?
What about the attorneys representing the accused terrorists being targeted and the suggestions that their firms not be utilized ?
(for guest user) from the Detroit press:
President George W. Bush has used signing statements 750 times in six years to abrogate laws enacted by Congress. The latest signing statement states that Bush will open U.S. mail without a warrant ("Bush defends mail access law," Jan. 5). Opening mail without a warrant was specifically prohibited by a new postal law. When will Congress challenge these unconstitutional signing statements in court, with hearings, or with impeachment proceedings?
my take on all this is: in order to have "rights", our "rights" are being taken least that's seems to be the argument from the powers that be...and in the process not sticking to the letter of the law seems to be okay with them, rather than making the necessary changes...

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