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..Someone Who's Eccentric And Smeone Who's Bona Fide Crazy?

Eccentric people always seem a little crazy to me. I don't think crazy and insane are the same in this example. I mean, I know that people who are homocidal sociopaths are insane, or considered crazy, but are they any more insane then people who believe they can talk to the dead or the people who believe these people are talking to the dead?

Isn't what people consider eccentric often blurred by a bias?
Like a guy talking to his plants as if he were consoling his children from the screams of his neighbor being beaten in an ally but he doesn't call the police, or the lady who chants in *ancient tongues* dancing around a room in a trance, then gives you a fortune told to her by the spirits.
Most people would say they're eccentric but I think they're crazier than a loon, Right along with the people who believe the dancing, chanting lady's fortune came from spirits.

Isn't believing in God, ghosts or aliens abducting people a bit crazy? or is this eccentric?

Eccentric is described as odd, foolish or unusual. Isn't the same true if one's crazy?

Am I mistaken? What's the difference?

There is none
The difference is....

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Voted : There is none
Sorry about the typos.
The difference is wealth. If you own a large country house, several horses to bugger at night, and a velvet smoking jacket to throw off and dance naked around the mansion grounds, you are "eccentric".

If you live on a council estate and do those things, you are insane/mad.

Voted : The difference is....
I'm considered eccentric, and I believe in the afterlife, UFOs and real justice in the world. Crazy can't fathom those concepts, IMO.
Voted : The difference is....
Eccentrics are generally harmless.
And what would the world be without a few eccentrics.

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