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[+] joke ballot by WinniethePooh

You know, the comedians and type-casted actors, gangstas, and ghetto boys. Still playing the race card. Sure the white media still chooses to cover their arrests, but any idiot should know most news is bullsh*t, and that racist white people are starting to disappear(die of old age mostly), some of their racist spawn are out there, but not doing so much. I mean c'mon, there are people and races and cultures that have had it worse than a few hundred years of slavery. My culture faced attempted genocide over the belief there was a crazy amount of gold here. Many cultures have been wiped out for greed and territory. And most enslaved cultures took matters into their own hands, not wait till your northern masters get sympathetic. As far as I'm concerned, looking at modern day Africa, they should be so lucky to be in North America today. Plus, they have well renowned actors, athletes, musicians, a growing street pop culture and dictionary worthy slang. They contributed to society as well inventing many modern conveniences. (No lazy jokes, we're all lazy in this century)

I have no beef with them, I'm just sick of hearing them whine. Honestly.

It's my peoples turn to whine! LOL

P.S. Choice #5, Yes, I listen, it's an art people have lost, ignorance is bliss, but knowledge gives me closure.

Milking it.
Shut up, we do not!
I don't think they do too much.
Who knows.
You listen to them still?
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"I mean c'mon, there are people and races and cultures that have had it worse than a few hundred years of slavery." I disagree. In my mind there is nothing worse than the ownership of a human being by another person.
What black people do you listen to, aside from a celebrity? The ones I know don't talk that way.
Ever been in the ghetto with them, they bitch the worst! Human Ownership is wrong, but like I said, they could and should have done something about it, if they did, they could have helped my people out maybe, I don't know. But slavery isn't worse than genocide, biological warfare(ex. Smallpox), or the rape of ones cultural identity. You know great and good things about black people, what can you say about native people today?????????
^So basically you're complaining that black people are complaining too much and natives are not complaining enough?Well the last time I checked Native Americans also complain alot,they complain about sports teams using images of "indians" as mascouts etc.
We all complain.

I can complain about being a wage slave to the I.R.S. and the New York money lenders.

^Exactly! We all complain but are never hears when we should be. Ny point is black people should stop complaining. C'mon, if every race had the assumption that every male of my race has large genitals, why complain to begin with?

Sure I know native people complain, but didn't you know. WE DON'T HAVE THE NUMBERS ANY MORE LIKE BLACK PEOPLE DO JACKASS, WHO'S LISTENING TO US??!!

hears =*heard Ny =*My
And don't worry, I'll be getting the word out to my people soon enough, eventually we'll get noticed for all the great things we were as a culture, and things we will do as a survivng culture. And as much as I'd rather see every race sexually boiled into one, I'd rather see native people go out with glory and pride and not just become memories of the past. Memories of people who weren't given any chance to adjust to change of greedy white men.
Our people will have their time, and I can guarantee it now. Once my (ahem) education is finished, I will be joining a group of well, you'll see. Let's just say Adam Beach won't be the only guy out there trying to bring our people back.
I know native people have to do something about it themselves, I am, and my story of rags to fame will inspire more to make many of the same achievements I promise to make.

What is it that black people are complaining about that irks you so? (or am I taking this ballot too seriously already)
I just got a great example in today's paper. Apparently a Somalian immigrant was beaten in my city just the other day. He was beaten by a desperate native guy. You know what that fuckin little bitch immigrant went and said?! "He was harassing me saying 'you niggers are coming here taking our jobs' and so on.
He played the race card on a native guy! Unbe-fucking-lievable.
Is the reputation of my people so bad that even black people will use the race card against us!?
Fuck that!
But this is a perfect example of how black people still have to pull that same old bullshit. No matter where they are or what the situation is, it's always "Oh he hit me cause I'm black", or "Why are you treating me like this, is it because I'm black". Why do black people in North America always have to think they've had it so fucking bad!? And if bring up that slavery bullshit, then you sound just like them.
Fucking pitiful, pulling the race card on a native guy.
Did you also know that very same immigrant is president of some Somalian group in Manitoba?
And that Somalian's are coming to Canada to do nothing more than start street gangs called 'mad cows'. And that Somalians in general are fucked up because of the state their country is in.
Did anyone take those facts into consideration?
Fucking everyone trying to keep the natives down.
Besides, a broke and desperate man will mug people with money, and that Somalian asshole liar was a little too well dressed to be a victim of racism.

^Hang on, so what you are saying is that the man shouldn't have complained about getting attacked by someone screaming racist abuse? And for the record, given the millions of people who were shipped to the Americas against their will, given the appalling conditions and barbaric methods of torture they were subject to, given the amount who died aboard ship before they'd even reached the slave plantations, given the manner in which the slaves African identity was systematically annhilated, in what way did slavery not amount to genocide and the raping of the slaves culture?
Genocide? Raping of a culture?
They outnumber white people on the continent they were stolen away to. They have a growing popculture and cultural identity that everyone in North America enjoy's.

Anyone can die at sea if they're sailing for months at a time in those days, that problem is unseen now.

They may have been tortured, but so were my people, my people were tortured before they were ultimately KILLED, not thrown back into slave labour with a gleam of hope. And there are tons of Africans still living in Africa, their identity wasn't annihilated by anyone except themselves.

Black people may or may not be attracted to ghetto's guns, crime, but in Canada it is starting to look that way. Canada is a great country for black people to live in, they aren't seen the way Americans see them. And they can have any lifestyle they want.
So why do black people just go into our ghetto's, start another gangsta lifestyle and gangs, and cause all the same problems they have in Africa and American ghetto's when they could have had it so good????
That's my point.
And that man did not get verbally attacked, like all black people, he put words in the guy's mouth, he made it up! Shit!
And in Canada, who are they gonna believe? A well dressed black guy, or a native.
I'm just saying black people have it good, but they still complain and use the race card, and seemingly they love violent ghetto's. They bitch about how the white cops keep them down and all that, but they still love the gangsta lifestyle.
It's a vicious circle you see.
Should throw a wrench in those cogs.

Shit, you guys make it sound like all black people are helpless or something. you make it sound like all that slavery was so fucking bad. Yet here we are today, your all slaves to a system, traditions, and rules and lifestyles. You all chase the money and suck the cock of the almighty dollar every day. You people are all under control of the biggest slavery system known to man and to date. Doesn't it seem odd that even with a high school education, and post secondary education, you still don't get a career that makes you six figures. That everything is setup so you don't ever get as rich as many of thr trillionaires/billionaires that get million dollar bonuses every year at the expense of good hard working joe's like yourselves.
Slaves are now employees.
Masters are the CEO's and company owners.
Nothing's changed. Slvery still exists, it's just prettied up and given bells and whistles to make it seem like your not slaves.
Anyone can buy an MP3 player, it doesn't mean your an employee in the workforce. It's just a simple luxury to give you the incentive you need to work all your life and have religion there to tell you everything will be fine when your dead.
Slavery ain't so bad, can't you see that you pathetic slave!

Why shouldn't indians complain after all they get all kinds of free money from the government and casinos. They are eligible for all kinds of grants that nobody else can get. How are they supposed to have a chance to become self sufficient with all these hand outs. Its not fair to them.
yea i a gree i am not racist in any way because iam half black but i am tired of listening to african american slavery when other racist was in slave like jewish , and ext... we dont really hear nothing a bout those racist . heck i dont know if my heritage (hispanic ) went threw . Now i am in college and i have to write a paper on african american slavery , i dont know what to write because i bean writen about thi topic in elementary , middle school , and high scool . Boring
1."Our govt" imports drugs,guns,& liquor into our communities.
2.Police MURDER Blacks & Latinos at an alarming rate & are rarely punished.
3.We are disparaged everyday in every way in America by everyone.
4.We are encouraged to "love you & hate mine",etc. If we ever stop complaining & stand up, all of the people screaming "Stop complaining!" are going to be sorry. Enjoy it while you can.

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