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I have long admired the Catholic Church for various different reasons as an outsider. The last Holy Father was a wonderful man whom I admired from a distance having been raised Protestant.
Here's the deal. I was talking with a friend of mine who is not associated with any religion. I told him I was thinking of converting (in my middle age) to Catholicism. He said, "don't do it, the Catholic Church still sells indulgences."
"Naaaahh," I replied, "when, where?"
"Teddy Kennedy paid a bunch of money to the Catholic Church, and got his marriage of 30 years annulled," says he, "this allows him to be given 'Holy Communion,' and saves him from the 'fires of hell.'"

Question to YOU, responding to this ballot.
Is my friend a little touched in the head?
Does the Catholic Church still sell indulgences?
Did this happen?
Please comment. I appreciate your thoughts on this matter.

Yes, the Church still sells indulgences.
No, your friend is an idiot.
other, see comment

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Voted : Yes, the Church still sells indulgences.
I am a Catholic and the Catholic Church continues to sell indulgences, Yeah baby, YEAH!
Okay, some of this is a bit of "tongue in cheek." Least any of you think I believe divorcees are "headed to hell" as a result of that fact, I don't; but, I was fascinated by the conceptualization/prejudices of my friend. We all have preconceived notions, ya know. Even those of you out there who could be classified as "sexual intellectuals." And if you don't know what I mean by "sexual intellectual" you can just ask me.

Voted : other, see comment
My boyfriend and I am both Catholic. However, he is much more involved in Catholic church history, legalities, form and reform, councils, edicts, and so forth than I am. Because of this ballot, I asked my boyfriend if the Catholic Church still sold indulgences. He was extremely surprised by my question. He said the Catholic Church has not sold indulgences for hundreds of years, since the Reformation. I think there may be confusion as to what indulgences are and what they are not. I know LCD does not like us to give links to other sites, so, I hope you donít mind if I message you privately and tell you of a website that explains what indulgences are and how they may be obtained. You cannot buy one, as you could before the Reformation.
thanks, fmn, I'll check my privates heh, heh, heh
I had no idea there still was such a thing. Maybe they need another Martin Luther.
fmn, your website page was very helpful. I appreciated it, as it will give me much to ponder. Certainly such a thing should not, and imo cannot, be "bought." Glad to see the Church has taken that position.
skylab, Martin Luther wasn't ENTIRELY opposed to indulgences, as I remember my history. He only expressed extremely strong opposition to "selling" them.
...furthermore, Luther himself was not in the least interested in forming a NEW church. Only in REforming the ONE Church. I know I'll catch some flak from this observation. I guess sometimes I'm guilty of being a "sexual intellectual".
Not officially.
I'm here to tell you all, the practice of indulgences is alive and well in the Catholic Church. There are hardcore Catholics out there who would deny the practice for several reasson...However, many people still are involved in the practice til this day and yes, the Kennedys are the modern day poster family who purchased (and who continues to do so)more than their fair share of indulgences...(From having marriages annulled to wiping the sin slate clean, etc, etc, etc...the practice is real and it will continue until the Catholic Church is no more and I don't have to tell ya, the Catholic Church is here to stay even after the end of time)
I am here to tell you all that the system of indulgences is available for greedy liberal commies who want to use 2,000,000 times the energy than the regular folks and then purchases indulgences from carbon offset companies that they own!!1
Voted : Yes, the Church still sells indulgences.
i believe they still sell indulgences. they may not call it that and may refer to the acts of payment and forgiveness in different terms, but it is essentially them same thing.

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